SWALEC contact number – 0843 515 8428

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Although it may not be the force that it once was, there are still thousands of people who need to speak to the SWALEC contact number each and every day. While the organisation’s remit was SWALEC contact numberpreviously much larger, a series of mergers and sales have made it little more than a brand name for SSE to market their utilities products in South Wales. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who are signed up to have their gas and electricity through the company – which is why so many phone calls to the SWALEC customer service number – now also known as the SSE contact number.

Of course, the fact that SWALEC don’t have the same amount of power that they once had doesn’t mean they are powerless. What’s more, the number of employees who based in their UK call centres are a testament to the fact that SWALEC still holds huge sway in the UK utilities market. The amount of people who would like to speak to their helpline each day is also a sign of the company’s popularity. While some companies would despair at having such massive amounts of calls to deal with, this is purely a by-product of being a gas and electricity provider the size of SWALEC.

So who are SWALEC?

As previously mentioned, SWALEC is a brand owned by national utilities supplier SSE. It has been active for the best part of 2 decades, marketing gas and electricity to people across the country – most particularly to those who live in the south of Wales. While the company may never be a major player due to such a narrow swathe of the population, they have a strong and devoted customer base. These loyal customers typically subscribe to a number of services and who are dependent upon SWALEC’s customer service team to ensure their homes are supplied.

Who calls the SWALEC contact number?

As gas and electricity quotes have increasingly migrated towards being an online only, so has the number of people that the SWALEC contact number have had to employ to deal with associated enquiries. However, these kind of calls have been replaced with other forms of query – and the SWALEC helpline is more than set up to SWALEC phone numberbe able to deal with this.

Typically, people only pick up the phone if they have an issue that needs resolving quickly. Common issues can be with their billing (such as being overcharged or needing a refund) through to having a fault with their gas or electricity supply (which may need a visit from an engineer). In addition, the SWALEC phone number will also have people who are dialling to log a complaint, or who would like to have a general enquiry answered by a member of their call centre team.

Of course, it is impossible to guess precisely the reasons why any one person dials. However, most utilities providers, for instance, gas and electricity companies have their helplines set up to handle these kinds of queries. The SWALEC contact number appears to be no different in this regard.

Southall Travel

Southall Travel contact number – 0843 504 1266

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Occupying a very specific place within the tourism industry, the fact that the Southall Travel contact number is one of the most dialled helplines around may come as a surprise to some people. In fact, Southall Travel contact numberthe business may be relatively unknown to a lot of the general public – but this is largely due to the fact that the company services a niche part of the travel sector. Southall Travel provides low-cost flights and holidays to a range of destinations across the globe. However, the brand has never managed to become one of the major players – compared to say, Ice Lolly or Travel Supermarket. Nevertheless, Southall Travel has earned a small but devoted consumer base thanks to their attention to detail and ability to keep prices incredibly low.

While their policies may not seem revolutionary now. However, with every tourism company trying to cater to the cut-price getaway market, the Southall Travel contact number has long acted as a hub for people who are looking to get away cheaply. Of course, the business has since diversified into offering their getaways through a variety of different platforms. However, their central phone number still acts as one of the main ways through which people get in touch with the company and remains one of the key methods of people getting in touch with the business.

Who are Southall Travel?

As previously mentioned, Southall Travel is an affordable holiday company. While they do book entire holidays (including flights, accommodation and transfers), one way in which they differentiate themselves from other companies such as Thomson and Thomas Cook by offering cut-price flights too. They have been a dominant force in the market for the last couple of decades and appear to have a comfortable niche within the market – and it seems as if they are becoming stronger year by year.

Why do people call the Southall Travel contact number?

Obviously, given the nature of their business, a lot of the calls made to the Southall Travel contact number are being done in order for the person dialling to book a getaway for themselves. In fact, it is widely believed that the holiday booking aspect of their helpline is the most active part of their Southall Travel phone numberUK call centre. It is also responsible for fielding the mass majority of the calls to their phone number.

Of course, people are very picky about their holidays, and a huge volume of people attempt to get in touch with the Southall customer service number in order to deal with the administration of their booking. Issues range from cancellations, through to changing individual changes on the personal details of those travelling or even asking to make special arrangements for someone flying. Thankfully, their support team are more than able to deal with this and more.

As with any helpline, Southall Travel’s contact team have a huge amount of people who call to raise general enquiries or who need to make a complaint about something that has gone wrong with the company. The customer service staff who man the Southall Travel contact number can handle all of this and more.


SAAS contact number – 0843 515 8427

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Given how vital the Student Awards for Scotland organisation is to the future of many millions of people, the fact that the SAAS contact number is one of the most searched for around is
SAAS contact numbersomewhat inevitable. Much like other education based helplines, their call centres are equipped to deal with the huge volumes of people calling them. In addition, the SAAS phone number is easily able to manage the thousands of calls that are sent their way annually.

While there is always controversy over any aspect of the education system, the SAAS team manage to have a relatively good reputation. Naturally, there are people who feel that they have issues with the organisation. However, this is often more to do with those who sit exams and are riding on the results. While some people may feel aggrieved by the scoring of the organisation, the SAAS phone number still has a reputation for fairly and accurately dealing with the enquiries.

So who are SAAS?

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland is a government funded body that helps give funds to people who are eligible for the extra money in order to go into higher education in Scotland. Such awards include those who claim certain benefits (such as disability living allowance) and those who are from poorer backgrounds. The criteria through which they judge those who are eligible are fairly open – but this doesn’t stop people from feeling that they aren’t being treated fairly by the organisation. Thankfully, the SAAS contact number can help clear up most issues relatively quickly, and in some cases can even help overturn a decision.

Why do people call the SAAS contact number?

Given that they largely deal with funding for education, the phone calls made to the SAAS number are largely to do with that aspect of things. This includes the full range of the process, from people SAAS phone numberwho are looking to start an application through SAAS through to those who have been rejected for a
grant and even those who would like to make a complaint about them.

Of course, a lot of what they do if offering help and advice to those who are currently going through the process. They can give tips on whether those who are going into higher education are eligible to receive funding from SAAS, and even walk callers through the relevant forms.

As previously mentioned, complaints and appeals are main reasons people call the SAAS contact number. Their UK call centres have enormous amounts of people who are experts in dealing with precisely this aspect of things. For many people, getting into university or some other form of higher education can be entirely dependent on getting some form of a grant or another form of funding. Among other things, these are the kind of things that the SAAS contact number can address.


Viagogo contact number – 0843 504 1267

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While ticket resellers have certainly caused some controversy, there is no denying that there is Viagogo contact numberdefinitely a place for them on the open market. As proven by the fact that the Viagogo contact number is one of the most dialled helplines in the UK. Some people have compared their operations to legalised touting – and while those who use the service may say that is a little harsh, there is no denying that there are some parallels between the two. However, the fact remains that Viagogo, along with the likes of Seatwave, provide a legal way for people to buy and sell tickets that they will no longer be able to use. While this is mainly through their website, there are still hundreds of different reasons why people may need to call the Viagogo phone number to have a problem resolved.

Who are Viagogo?

Viagogo has been (for a couple of years) actively allowing members of the general public to sell tickets unwanted tickets. Tickets range from gig tickets, through to sporting events, theatre, comedy and pretty much any other form of ticketed event that you can imagine.

One of the main issues that most people have is that the majority of tickets sold on the site are done so in exchange for a huge price increase. Some say this encourages people to purchase tickets that they do not need in order to extort fans of artists. However, regardless of the ethics, it is undeniable that the Viagogo contact number is one of the most searched for and phoned of any customer service helpline in the UK.

Why do people call the Viagogo contact number then?

While there is a range of different reasons anyone calls, the issues people need to speak to the Viagogo customer service team about are fairly easy to predict. Especially judging from responses to their official social media feeds. As with any helpline, the main thing that prompts a phone call is something going wrong, or an issue that needs resolving.

In the case of the Viagogo contact number, this is generally when there has been a problem that has Viagogo phone numberresulted in either the buyer or seller of a ticket not getting what they wanted out of the deal. Problems could be down to either user error or because of a fault with the website itself. Regardless, the Viagogo call centre staff should be able to look into these matters quickly and hopefully come to a resolution that suits all parties involved.

Naturally, any customer service number also has a huge amount of people who call to ask a general enquiry. As Viagogo has grown, so has the volume of those dialling for this reason. Of course, this is also echoed in the fact that the company now have to deal with more complaints than ever before. Rather than seeing this as a failing of the company, it is just something that happens to any successful business – that a percentage of your consumers will feel aggrieved, regardless of what you do. Regardless of the reason for calling, the Viagogo contact number staff should be able to assist you.

National Grid

National Grid contact number

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Given how vital they are to the infrastructure of utilities providers across the UK, the National Grid contact number is always going to be one of the most important helplines around. this is echoed by National Grid contact numberthe fact that it receives so many phone calls each and every day from people who need to speak to their helpline team for one reason or another.

While they don’t necessarily provide any services directly to the public, they are the backbone of many utilities companies. This doesn’t really factor in to why their main helpline phone number is so popular, however – as these businesses usually have a direct line of communication through which they can discuss matters with the National grid team. In terms of their interactions with the general British public, there are a variety of different matters that they can deal with when called by an individual.

So who are National Grid?

The scope of what the National Grid does is difficult to put into a couple of paragraphs. In essence, they provide such a vital part of the infrastructure of both the gas and electricity lines in the UK, and are independent from any of the main utilities providers in order to make sure that they remain impartial. The functions that they serve depend on who is contacting them – but, rest assured that if you live in great britain, they will be responsible for a huge part of your wellbeing, warmth and comfort.

There interactions with the general public are mainly to do with responses to potential emergency situations. While the majority of these ‘emergency’ situations may not be life threatening or even particularly urgent, it is part of their remit to make sure that all matters are investigated and resolved as soon as possible – in order to stop any problem escalating.

So why do people call the National Grid contact number?

The most common reason why people call the National Grid contact number appears to be prompted when people smell gas. this is one of their main functions – the reporting of and servicing National Grid phone numberof gas leaks. This is clearly a matter of public safety, and any report of a potential gas leak is dealt with as a high priority. This naturally extends to carbon monoxide leaks. If you are calling for one of these reasons, it is recommended that you dial their number directly on 0800 111 999 – the 999 at the end of the number emphasising how seriously they take these matters.

However, aside from emergency matters, the National Grid contact number also has a range of other functions. these include the “Dial before you Dig” function – which encourages people to make a call to their helpline before they start any construction in order to ensure that they do not endanger themselves by hitting a key gas or electricity line.

The National Grid contact number is also able to deal with a range of general enquiries, such as telling people who supplies gas and electricity to their area and general tips on making sure that gas meters are correctly installed and the like. regardless of your query, call their main customer service line today and they should be able to help.



Equifax contact number – 0843 504 1265

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As one of the main credit check companies in the UK, the Equifax contact number is constantly being phoned by people need to get in touch with their customer service team for one reason or Equifax contact numberanother. Sadly, it is widely perceived that the majority of the people ringing their contact number are not, in fact, happy customers, but are people looking to make a complaint.

The reasons for this backlash are relatively easy to read – and it is something that has blighted the majority of the credit score checker industry for a number of years. Experian has also fallen foul of such a reputation, whereas both companies have now been trumped by Noddle. However, Equifax still has a healthy base of clients – a high percentage of those need to call their customer service number quite regularly.

Who are Equifax?

For those who are unaware, Equifax is a credit score checking company. These businesses have sprung up as they allow individuals to check how lenders and credit card companies view them. Such checks enable people to apply for the right kind of loans without further affecting their credit score. An individual’s credit score can hugely affect the kind of rates that a person pays on a mortgage or other form of debt.

Allowing people to see their credit score means that the company is letting individuals take more control of their financial future. However, this service does come at a premium – which currently costs around £14.95 per month.

So why do so many people call the Equifax contact number?

Judging by feedback on social media, the main reason why people are trying to get in touch with Equifax phone numberthe Equifax team is in order to raise a complaint or another related issue with the company.

Equifax offers a free month’s trial but much like Experian, they quickly bump up the charges for those who stay with the service. While it may be easy to sign up, many users have noted that it is incredibly difficult to cancel a membership. And these cancellations can only be done over the phone, and only with the correct details to hand. For this reason, a lot of people call the Equifax phone number in order to cancel their subscription, and a high volume of people also dial to look for a refund or to complain.

Are there other reasons why people dial?

Of course, there are a number of other reasons that people dial, from complaints and refunds to cancellations. People also have issues with the website that need resolving, billing problems and general enquiries – all of which only a human can accurately handle. For all of this and more, speak to a member of the Equifax contact number team by calling our number.


Trading Standards

Trading Standards contact number

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As one of the main ways that people can get recourse with businesses, the Trading Standards Trading Standards contact numbercontact number is under constant demand. Calls are largely from people phoning to report an issue with a tradesman or business that they believe have wronged them, or is not living up to the high standards expected of them. Thankfully, the Trading Standards Institute exists to assess whether companies or individuals are fulfilling the standards expected of them, and they have helplines manned by people able to assess your matter.

Who are Trading Standards?

Trading Standards or, rather, the Trading Standards Institute is a government body established for a number of reasons. The main reason is to encourage the growth of the economy, largely by making sure that people have trust in the goods they purchase in the UK. This faith then translates into people being more willing to invest in products with confidence – which improves the reputation of British-made produce around the world.

So why do so many people need to call the Trading Standards phone number?

As Trading Standards is responsible for administering a lot of system around protecting the integrity of products on the market, they clearly have a lot of work to do. While they are unable to test properly every single thing that is for sale in the UK, they do make sure that most things sold in Britain are rigorously checked. However, they are still dependent on members of the public reporting issues to them. The main way people are encouraged do this is through the Trading Standards phone number

What kind of issues do the Trading Standards contact number team deal with?

As it is largely a complaints helpline, the Trading Standards number manages calls from a lot of very Trading Standards phone numberirate people. However, they have been set up in such a way as to be able to assess the priority matters from each. The majority of calls are from members of the general public. However, they do also deal with business owners or manufacturers who would like to appeal against a decision made by the Trading Standards Institute.

Regardless of the matter being raised by the caller, staff manning the phones at the Trading Standards UK call centres should be able to deal with the matter. Whether this is through handling a complaint or directing the dialler towards the correct course of action, the problem should be sorted quickly and easily.

Do I need to call the Trading Standards contact number?

Of course, as a modern organisation, the Trading Standards’ team do have different ways through which people can get in touch with them. While they are far from the chattiest over social media, they do have various tips, tricks and contact options available through their official website. http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/home.cfm. However, these are relatively cumbersome when compared to speaking to a member of their team directly. Therefore, it is always recommended to call the Trading Standards contact number for the most pressing of issues.

Whistl contact number

Whistl contact number – 0843 504 1258

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Although Whistl is are relatively new in the postal industry, their contact number is believed to be Whistl phone numberone of the most searched for around. Whistl’s popularity is due mostly, to their growing reputation in the market as one of the best and cheapest providers of mail services. Whistl have managed to find a niche for themselves by undercutting the prices offered by Royal Mail and even the likes of UK Mail while also offering door-to-door delivery.

Importantly, the company used to be known as TNT Post – however, since the rebranding, the company has gone from strength to strength. They are now one of the most well-recognised courier services in the UK.

As part of the reorganisation of domestic mail in the UK, Royal Mail is no longer the sole providers of postal delivery. While other companies have long been providing similar services, Whistl has quickly managed to become one of the main rivals to Royal Mail. Reasons for this are partly down to their unique take on customer service where their phone number features largely. However, it is more than likely that they are recognisable on the street by their bikes and distinctive branding. In turn, this helps recognition, increases trust and makes sure that people are keen to use them in the future.

Calling the Whistl contact number

Contacting Whistl is encouraged to be done through their dedicated website. Like most new businesses, the brand are keen to make sure that as many of their client as possible go through Whistl contact numbertheir web support portal rather than call one of their UK call centres. It is especially true as the company’s main selling point is offering a door-to-door service at a low, low cost. If Whistl were to adopt overheads (such as Royal Mail and UPS do), it is likely that they would have to increase their prices for customers. Such a price change could be commercially dangerous for the company at this early stage of their development.

However, while Whistl may be keen for people to use other platforms the company still have a dedicated customer service number and helpline for those who are experiencing issues. This phone number has been set up for the trickier issues that social media accounts and online FAQ guides cannot accommodate for – such an intricate complaints and refund procedures. While their UK call centre staff may be relatively new to the industry, they should be able to address any situation. So, it isn’t surprising why the Whistl contact number is one of the most well thought of helplines around.

Experian contact number 0843 504 0634

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Call Experian 0843 504 0634


As Experian suggest, they are the name to choose for, ‘a world of insight’ into credit history and current credit scoring. Such relevant information is vital when applying for or switching credit. As a global concern Experian operates throughout 40 countries. They are also a fundamental part of the FTSE 100 and appear on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN). Experian’s main areas of work are Experian contact numberin credit services, marketing services, consumer services and decision analytics. So, it’s safe to say that Experian has the knowledge and manpower you’re looking for – whether you are contacting them as a consumer or a business. Collecting lifestyle data from a multitude of means and gathering information about people, vehicles, businesses and insurance, enables Experian to compile exact credit profiles for millions of people and businesses worldwide. Benefits attached to these in-depth facts and figures are diverse, for ease of understanding the main advantages for consumers and businesses are:

  • Consumer benefits include access to credit scores, details of credit checks and identity fraud protection.
  • Business benefits feature fraud prevention, credit risk management, automated decisions and the targeting of marketing offers.

Whatever you need to contact Experian for, one call will connect you with the right person in the right department. A multitude of reasons underlies why people have the need to contact Experian’s dedicated team. To make things a little easier, we have highlighted the easiest ways to get in touch with Experian’s knowledgeable advisers.

Experian Contact Number

There are a variety of ways in which you can obtain your credit details through Experian, for instance, a one-off Statutory Credit Report, current free trials or signing-up to unlimited services. Experian customer servicesWhichever you would prefer to do, there is always a wealth of information at www.experian.co.uk. Once online you will also access all you need to know regarding subjects such as ‘identity fraud and how to avoid it’ and ‘what to do if you are not successful applying for credit’. Obviously the nature of such subjects can be personal in nature, so it isn’t surprising that many people prefer to discuss their situation one-to-one. To contact a member of the Experian Consumer Services team simply call.

Contacting Experian Business Services

Building better business strategies based on reliable statistics while gaining a more in-depth insight into your customers, your market and your economy are just some of the ways in which Experian Business Services can assist your organisation. Experian claim to enrich business through:

  • Understanding your customers in terms of credit risk
  • Building trust and identifying potential areas of identity fraud
  • Experian phone numberMaking payment solutions easy with processing and validation
  • Optimisation of cross-channel marketing & data, enabling greater client reach

Whether you are new to Experian or an existing client, their business helpdesk is available where experienced advisers are glad to assist. Alternatively you can contact Experian by post by sending written correspondence to: Creditexpert PO BOX 7710 Nottingham NG80 7WE Please note that this address is for business users only.

Contacting Experian via Business Live Chat

Are you aware that Experian offer a live chat facility for small business users via www.experian.co.uk? Lines are open for ‘live chat’ between the hours of 9am and 5pm on a Monday to Friday when advisers are on hand with tips on how to protect and grow your business.

Calling Experian

Contacting Experian by telephone is the preferred choice of many as this gives means to discuss personal information directly. Simply call the contact number provided to speak to the right department.

Contacting Experian by Post (General Enquiries)

Written correspondence regarding any general Experian enquiries can go to Experian The Sir John Peace Building Experian Way NG2 Business Park Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ United Kingdom. However, for most issues it is recommended that you call the Experian contact number.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

National Insurance Contact Number – 0843 504 0322

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0322

National Insurance is something that we take for granted – a taxation method introduced in 1911 with the aim of providing financial security in the future for tax paying employees in the UK. As with many taxes, understanding National Insurance can be difficult. For questions relating to PAYE based National Insurance or Self Contributions, call the National Insurance Contact Number on – 0843 504 0322.

National Insurance ensured that despite illness and inability to work, people would still get paid. National Insurance has grown, evolving into something a little more complex. Now being used to fund a number of different things including the NHS, National Insurance is commonly used to fund the state pension – which contributors are entitled to when reaching pensionable age. There are many complex questions about National Insurance as it is not as easy as it seems to understand – especially for those who are self-employed. For all enquiries in relation to National Insurance, call the dedicated customer service team on the National Insurance Contact Number – 0843 504 0322.

Do I need my National Insurance card?

Upon being issued with your National Insurance card, it is advisable to keep it somewhere safe. The number on the front of the card is unique to you. So, it is best keep it safe in order to prevent fraudulent activity. There are no real reasons as to why you would have to produce your card, although it is a viable means of identification. It is best to note the number down or memorise it in case of loss. If you have an issue with your National Insurance card, it is advisable that you call the National Insurance Contact Number -0843 504 0322 immediately in order to arrange a replacement.

National Insurance Card

What happens if I have lost my National Insurance card?

Much like losing a debit or credit card, this situation is not ideal. With your National Insurance number being so unique to you, there is a chance that any missing NI card could fall into the wrong hands. If you have lost or misplaced your card, then do not panic. If you inform the customer service team swiftly on the National Insurance Contact Number, then you will be able to arrange a replacement card – ensuring that no harm will come from any potentially fraudulent use of your number. Call the team on the National Insurance Contact Number – 0843 504 0322.

National Insurance NumberCard

I’m self-employed and do not use the PAYE system. How do I manage my National Insurance contributions?

Self-employed individuals have to undertake a slightly different method of managing their National Insurance contributions because they may not all use the PAYE system. This approach is fairly commonplace for sole traders or individuals subcontracting their skills. In this instance, you should call the National Insurance Contact Number in order to arrange registration for Class 2 contributions. Class 2 contributions allows you to pay your National Insurance either directly to the HMRC via direct debit or cheque.One of the most confusing elements of National Insurance is that customers can end up overpaying or underpaying and thus facing an unexpected bill. In order to navigate this potential pitfall, call the National Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8369 to talk through the process.

For all questions in relation to National Insurance including self-employment contributions, state pensions and more, call the National Insurance Contact Number -0843 504 0322