AA (Automobile Association) Contact Number – 0843 504 0601

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0601

The AA is of the most recognised names in the motor vehicle industry. As one of the largest rescue firms in the UK, the AA have stood tall above their competitors for a number of years. In order to contact them in relation to your vehicle breaking down or to discuss any of their other services, call now on 0843 504 0601

The AA launched in 1905 as a way of assisting their customers could avoid speed traps set up by police. It wasn’t until three years after their formation when they started up the roadside recovery aspect of their business. Now wholly owned by Acromas Holdings, the AA have added a number of extra services available to customers including a driving school, journey planning and also insurance services. Labelling themselves at one point as the “fourth emergency service”, the AA has attempted to vary its services to offer a home emergency response team in order to cover boilers and more. So far, this hasn’t equated to a success for the AA but is another vital string to their bow.

AA (Automobile Association) Contact Number – 0843 515 9096

What services can I contact the AA for?

With the AA now offering a number of different services to their customers, it isn’t just vehicle breakdown cover that is the fulcrum of their business. Nowadays – and in order to stay competitive with their rivals – the AA offer a number of different services. There is a potential that you may find a cheaper insurance quote by directly contacting the AA, not just for your car, but also your home as well. Along with a number of other similar services, the AA now offer a wide range of insurance options for their customers. Along with breakdown cover, you can also get assistance planning your journey and much more. For more information on the range of services offered by the AA, it is advised that you contact them using the phone number on this page.

Can I sign up to the AA roadside assistance service over the phone?

Yes, you can directly contact the customer service team at the AA in order to join up to their roadside recovery service. The specialist staff are on hand in order to direct you to the best type of plan. There are a number of different plans available from the AA in regards to this type of cover. Along with the standard breakdown coverage, the AA can also assist you with many other minor problems including windscreen wipers, car keys and much more. In order to find out about the best type of cover for you, it is imperative that you speak to the customer service team at the AA about this. Contact them using the number on this page.

How soon does my AA cover start?

As soon as your application is processed and accepted on the phone, then your coverage begins. There is a 14-day delay for certain parts of the policy, but in the majority of cases, as soon as you’re set up, you can make a claim for recovery.

In order to discuss your new policy or any other product from the AA, contact the customer service team on this number – 0843 504 0601

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