Amazon Contact Number – 0843 515 6456

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Amazon Contact Number – 0843 515 6456

If you have problems with Amazon, don’t wait for emails, get instant response from the Amazon customer service team by calling their contact number on 0843 515 6456. These issues could range from a purchase on the main site, a sale on the marketplace to a problem with your Amazon Prime subscription.

Founded by Jeff Bezos, a former Wall St company Vice President, set up Amazon in his home in 1994. Initially starting life as an online bookstore, Amazon grew to sell CD’s DVDs, video games and more. Although the company had a rocky start, Amazon soon began making sales of over $20,000 a week. Growing rapidly with the dot com boom, Amazon continued its upward trend of sales and continued to grow the company with a series of acquisitions giving Amazon more power in the marketplace. One of those key mergers was with LoveFilm in the UK, which has now rebranded into the Amazon Prime Instant Video service. Continuing to innovate with its own products including eBook reader the Kindle and the recently announced Fire smartphone which will feature 3D photographs.

Amazon Contact Number – 0843 515 6456

Contacting Amazon

Many customers have the need to contact Amazon in order to discuss their order, and it is widely accepted that contacting the customer service team on the telephone is preferable to seeking online support. A large number of companies are trying to introduce web-based support – Amazon has even introduced a ‘mayday’ button on their Kindle devices so that you can get instant video support for your Kindle device. Whereas this type of support is acceptable for those products, if you have simply placed an order on Amazon’s website and have an issue with it, a phone call is your best bet. Call the Amazon customer service team by calling their contact number – 0843 515 6456.

My Amazon order has not been delivered on time.

When ordering from Amazon it can be frustrating when you don’t receive your item in the estimated window of delivery. Upon placing your order, you will have chosen one of the many different delivery options. Many people opt to use Royal Mail with standard first and second class postage, but Amazon do send parcels out with other postal options. Using other courier firms and guaranteeing delivery in certain timeframes with their subscription based Amazon Prime service, there is a possibility that a problem could occur with your delivery. If your order has been misplaced or not arrived on time, then it is imperative that you contact the customer service team at Amazon using their telephone number – 0843 515 6456.

Problems with you Amazon Prime subscription.

Recently Amazon have introduced a subscription-based service for regular spenders on the website, the Amazon Prime service guarantees delivery in certain time frames. If you have an issue with the order you have placed, then the first step you should take is to contact the customer service team. This includes issues with your Amazon Prime Instant Video package. If you have any issues accessing the service then it is essential that you contact support immediately in order to rectify the issue. You can call the customer service team at Amazon on this number – 0843 515 6456.

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