Apple Contact Number – 0843 515 8195

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Apple Contact Number – 0843 515 8195

Getting support for your Apple device over the phone can be notoriously difficult, but when you can’t make an appointment at the genius bar, this is your next best option. In order to speak to a customer service representative, call the Apple Contact Number on 0843 515 8195.

Having grown a glowing reputation for their technological innovation, Apple have become one of the most recognised and desirable brands in the world. Starting life as a computer manufacturer, Apple have broken the mould over the years with a range of products from laptops to tablets. Most famous for the ‘i’ branded products such as the iPhone, iMac and the iPod, Apple have dominated the electronics marketplace for many years. Apple create not just reliable and functional technology, but also desirable and aspirational products through their marketing. Recently the company have been embroiled in a messy legal battle with Samsung over patents in relation to both firms smartphones. Although this dispute is still going on in the background, Apple have recently struck a deal for the Beats By Dre headphone range, making their products even more desirable with yet another marketable, exciting brand.

Apple Store Trafford Centre. Apple Contact Number – 0843 515 8195

Why is it so difficult to contact Apple Customer Service?

Much like many companies, Apple have made finding their customer service contacts fairly difficult. A large majority of customers have attempted to contact Apple on social media channels, but despite the large number you may see on Facebook or Twitter, Apple have no official social media channel. Preferring to deal with customer service enquiries by either email or in person at an authorised Apple store, the company have hidden their direct phone number well on the website. There are instances when going in-store to speak to an Apple genius is not appropriate, for example, you may live too far away from a branch. If this happens to be the case, the best way to reach out to an Apple customer service agent is to contact them via the telephone number on this page.

Can I call the Apple Contact Number to speak about an iTunes problem?

The advantage of bookmarking this page for the direct Apple contact number is that you will not be able to reach their customer service department for a wide range of issues including ones with your iTunes account. If you have any i device, you will no doubt be using iTunes as your standard media directory and transfer software. Suffering issues with this is never ideal, if you have any problems accessing your account, using the software or you have misplaced your Apple ID, you can contact the customer service team. The team will walk you through the security process in order to get your iTunes account working again. In order to do this, you can avoid a lengthy wait for an Apple Genius appointment by calling the Apple contact number listed here and speaking to an agent.

For all issues related to your Apple device or software, contact the customer service team on 0843 515 8195.

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