Argos Contact Number – 0843 515 8637

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Argos Contact Number – 0843 515 8637

If your delivery or item from Argos not been up to your standards, you can directly contact the Argos customer service team by calling 0843 515 8637.

As part of the Home Retail group along with Habitat, Argos are the most famous high street catalogue brand in the UK. Still maintaining a large high street presence, Argos have forged their reputation through great customer service, the wide range of products that they stock and also ease of purchase in store. The simplistic use of the catalogue allowed the store to rise in prominence and see off its closest rival, Index. As technology has advanced much of Argos’ operation has moved online with the Argos Direct service, yet there is still a large call for in store service and the high street Argos stores continue to perform well. In order to discuss your recent purchase from Argos, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team using the number on this page.

Argos in  Stockport. Argos Contact Number – 0843 515 8637

Can I contact Argos on the phone in order to discuss an in-store purchase?

Whichever way you made your purchase from Argos, you can discuss any issues that you have over the phone with them. When receiving your item, it will undoubtedly by boxed up, and you will not have had the chance to check the contents before leaving the store. If you are receiving your item after and online order, there is a potential that certain parts may be missing, or the item is incorrect. This issue is commonplace and can be dealt with simply by contacting Argos in order to arrange either collection or replacement in store. The most direct way to contact the customer service team is on the telephone. You can call them by using the number on this page.

I’d like to rearrange the delivery of my order from Argos Direct, can I do this over the phone?

Whereas many companies would prefer you to contact them online these days, there are many occasions where this is not viable. In the case of rearranging a delivery, it is preferable that you speak to someone over the phone in order to get a more accurate time. If the initial delivery is not convenient, contact the customer service team at Argos immediately by calling the number listed on this page.

Can I discuss my Argos Credit Card on the phone with this team?

Yes, all aspects of Argos products including their financial products can be discussed by calling the customer service team. After Argos initially announced their credit card in conjunction with Barclaycard, the accounts have proved popular with customers. Recently though Argos’ partnership with Barclays came to an end and the store has continued its credit card agreement with Vanquis bank. If you are confused about the state of your account, it is essential that you contact the customer service team using the contact number on this page.

In order to discuss any aspect of your Argos order, contact the customer service team by calling them on the Argos Contact Number – 0843 515 8637

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