AXA insurance contact number – 0843 515 8335

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AXA insurance contact number – 0843 515 8335

The competitive insurance market can give you a number of options when it comes to locating the best policy for you. AXA are held as one of the most respected brands in the insurance industry and also offer customers a wide range of other services making them incredibly popular with customers.

An international company with a tremendous reputation. AXA insurance is part of the AXA S.A. global investment group based in France. Providing not only all forms of insurance from life to motor vehicles, but also the group can assist its customers with wealth management and investment portfolios. In the UK, AXA trades under a number of different names include AXA Sun Life, AXA insurance and many others. You may recall the AXA Sun Life insurance advertisements with renowned television personality, Michael Parkinson, which have made that particular product popular amongst the older demographic. AXA in the UK also operate a private healthcare brand, AXA PPP, offering a service that many other insurers don’t.

AXA insurance contact number – 0843 515 8335

Why contact AXA Insurance?

As with anyone searching for a new insurance policy, there are a large number of options for you to consider. The rise in popularity of price comparison websites has made the industry even more competitive and AXA are constantly attempting to keep the pace with their competitors. Looking at the company’s performance over recent years, it appears that other companies are outperforming them, but still AXA can offer a very competitive range of products. If you’re looking for more than just insurance and alternative services that you may not get from some of AXA’s competitors, then it is advised that you instantly call AXA in order to discuss your options.

I am looking to invest and would like to explore other options than my local bank.

When you have extra money to invest, it is imperative that you make the right choice as to where you place your investment. AXA have a rich history in wealth management and investment options including the traditional methods of investing in stocks and shares, but also in other alternative markets too. Their ‘Elevate’ investment platform has proved the most popular amongst customers – offering a simplified version of an investment portfolio, eliminating a large amount of paperwork and aiming to make the best return on your investment. To find out more, it is advised that you contact AXA using the phone number on this page.

I’m interested in alternative private health care other than BUPA. Do AXA have a policy?

AXA provide a private health care policy competitive with others on the market. By taking out this policy with AXA you can get a large range of cover including that for children and also for dental cover too. As you can imagine, the costs associated with dental care and more can spiral and this cover can assist you. In order to discuss the finer points of this policy, which of course can be delicate, then contact the customer service team now.

For all enquires in relation to AXA’s wide range of insurance and investment products, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact the customer service team on – 0843 515 8335.

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