British Gas Customer Service Number – 0843 504 0317

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0317

Despite it being something we seemingly take for granted, it is fact that we rely on our energy supply every single day. If you are experiencing any problems with the smooth running of your British Gas account, from billing to an issue with your boiler, we suggest that you contact the British Gas customer service team now. You can call them on 0843 504 0317.

As one of the most trusted energy providers in the country – and part of the ‘big six’ – British Gas provides gas and electricity for over 12 million homes in the United Kingdom. Competing at the top end of the market for custom alongside EON, EDF, Scottish Power and others, British Gas are still leading the way as the country’s most respected utilities supplier. The company’s owner, Centrica, have concentrated on a relatable, warm family-focused approach to marketing and have adapted to the ever-changing needs of customers. British Gas supplies more than just energy, now providing boiler cover, plumbing services and also home insurance to customers across the country.

British Gas Customer Service Number - 0843 515 9431

What problems can I contact British Gas customer services about?

It would be hard to imagine a world without the current luxuries that are available in our homes – and an uninterrupted energy supply is one of those many luxuries. As the largest supplier of gas and electricity in the UK, British Gas have a duty to provide world-class customer service. In response to the amount of questions that they have posed to them on a daily basis, British Gas have set up a dedicated contact centre. This contact centre contains professionally trained advisors who are on hand to deal with any of the multitude of problems that you may have.

One of the most common questions posed to British Gas over the phone is in regards to billing. Every customer’s energy usage is different and gets measured in different ways – this can prove difficult for British Gas to arrange accurate billing. Perhaps a British Gas approved meter reader has not had access to your property, or you have not submitted your accurate readings for the quarter. In this case, British Gas will only be able to supply you with an estimated bill for this period. Inaccurate billing is something that is simple to avoid by submitting your accurate meter readings over the phone to a customer service representative.

Additionally, British Gas can also deal with a number of other common enquiries over the phone – providing assistance with any issues relating to payment including direct debits or adding a pre-payment meter to your property. In order to talk to a representative about your account and pose and questions that you may have – contact the British Gas customer service centre on – 0843 515 9431 now.

If you’re moving house, our British Gas Contact Number is the one to call for assistance.

Moving home can be considered as one of the most stressful periods in anyone’s life. There are endless amounts of things to consider when moving home – and with this there is always a chance that something could get forgotten along the way.

Despite the wealth of options available to new and existing energy customers, when it comes to selecting a tariff, there are many who would still prefer to keep things simple. One way to keep things simple during this stressful time is to keep your existing service provider. As is your right as a customer, this process is available to you and can be conducted simply by contacting the British Gas customer service team – who will be able to assist you with your home move. Talking you through all aspects of your home move, British Gas will assist you in setting up your new account. The team will make sure that your switch and move takes place promptly and without fuss, after supplying the customer service team with the details of your new home’s current supplier. We advise though that some changes can take up to six to eight weeks, although your supply will remain uninterrupted during this time. Contact the team on 0843 515 9431 for more details and to have the peace of mind that your energy supply will be working immediately in your new home.

I’m running into financial difficulty and may have trouble paying my bill. Can I contact British Gas to get assistance?

Managing your personal finances will always feel like a proverbial minefield – and there are times when maintaining a healthy balance between your income and expenditure each month can prove difficult – especially when unforeseen circumstances occur.   British Gas and their customer service team are dedicated to assisting you with any issues that you may have. You may have received an unexpected bill or incurred an expense that was not in your monthly budget and because of that – it may make paying your current bill difficult. Many people run into financial difficulty each month, and the best remedy for this situation is to contact the British Gas customer service team immediately in order for them to provide assistance. As a reputable supplier of energy, British Gas have options available to assist you in ensuring that you can pay your bills. There is the potential of a direct debit plan – spreading the cost across the months or maybe – depending on your usage, you could consider installing a pre-payment meter. If you currently find yourself unemployed, there are other options available for you. Any enquiries will get dealt with in a professional and discreet manner, and the customer service agents will assist you in managing your account in the future. It is vital though that you inform British Gas of any changes in your circumstances immediately as this will place them in a better position to help you.

If you need to speak to British Gas in relation to your energy bill – or to arrange other services on your account – begin be calling their customer service helpline on 0843 504 0317.

If you have a gas emergency, then you should contact the gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999. You should also call this number immediately if you have a leak or escape of Carbon Monoxide to arrange assistance.

“All of the above information and a full list of all contact numbers and postal addresses can be found freely within the Public Domain”

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