BT Customer Service Number – 0843 504 0315

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0315

Suffering slow speeds with your BT broadband of Infinity services? Or do you have another question relating to your BT service? To swiftly resolve any issues, you can speak to a member of staff on the BT customer service helpline by calling 0843 504 0315.

Starting life as a pure telecoms company supplying the nations fixed line telephone lines, BT have since vastly diversified their operation. As customer trends change and usage of the landline became more obsolete, BT focussed their intention on capturing the broadband Internet market and have become one of the dominant players in the game, playing host to a variety of different online services as they compete with the likes of Sky and Virgin Media in order to become the first choice supplier the homes in the UK.

BT Customer Service Number - 0843 515 9037

How can I contact BT to talk about my broadband?

With a vast selection available to you, choosing a broadband package can be difficult. With the industry being increasingly competitive, companies are constantly vying for your custom, urging you to contact them for the best deals. BT do hold advantages over their competitors in that they are the longstanding, trusted telecoms brand in the UK. They also have several connections with the government having been the single, established telecommunications company in the UK for so long. BT generally are the first company on the market to launch new plans, including that of high speed broadband. The BT Infinity project being a prime example. If you would like to discuss a new broadband package or perhaps switching over to BT, then you can simply pick up the phone and call them on this BT customer service contact number on – 0843 504 0315.

What do people call BT customer services for?

Customers have a number of reasons for contacting the BT customer service team, yet the most common reason is to report bad service. Customers across the country have reported problems with their broadband speeds not being as fast as what was advertised. There are a number of reasons why this may happen and in order to solve this problem correctly and in order for you to deduce what is causing you the issue, it is advised that you contact the specialist team on the BT customer service number on this page. By picking up the phone and making the call, the customer care representative can talk you through a number of different options to solve your problem and in extreme cases, send out an engineer to arrange a repair.

What other issues can I contact BT about?

Despite a huge decline in the use of landlines in domestic houses over recent years, they are still essential in order to facilitate your broadband service. If you experience an issue with you landline, it is probable that it will affect the other services that you have from BT and it is imperative that you solve the problem immediately in order to ensure the smooth running of your services. With BT now becoming a multi-play service provider, customers can take out packages not just for landlines or broadband, but also for TV services as well. If you are experiencing difficulty using any of these, then the first step that you should take, is to telephone the BT customer service team on their contact number – 0843 504 0315.

Having trouble with BT Sport? Contact the customer service team now.

As BT have branched out into the world of premium pay-tv as they attempt to tackle their rivals Sky and Virgin Media, the telecoms firm have spent big in order to secure the lucrative rights to the Barclays Premier League. Coupled with the company offering these BT Sport channels out free to their broadband subscribers, BT have suffered a number of issues with this platform as a variety of outages have caused many issues. If you have been using BT Sport either online or via the apps for iPhone, Android and other tablet devices and experiencing difficulties, then the first thing to do in order to restore service is contact BT directly by using the number on this page. With a large number of subscribers looking to access this new service, it is understandable that problems may arise. Yet one simple call to BT customer services should help solve your issue.

What other problems can I talk to BT about on the phone?

If you have any other problems, complaints of enquiries regarding your BT account from billing issues to line faults, then you can contact the customer service team. If you’d like to challenge a billing decision, switch services or arrange alternative payment methods, then pick up the phone and contact BT here on – 0843 504 0315.

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