City Link Contact Number – 0843 504 0581

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City Link Contact Number – 0843 504 0581

When it comes to sending a parcel or other large item, it is essential that you are safe in the knowledge that it will arrive on time and in perfect condition. For any issues with City Link deliveries, call their telephone contact centre on 0843 504 0581.

City Link were formed in 1969 in order to provide deliveries for Red Star Parcels – the former delivery service from British Rail (aka National Rail). Having evolved over the years into one of the largest private courier firms in the UK, City Link now provide both business and the public with a wide range of delivery options. Having access to a fleet of 2500 specialist delivery vehicles, City Link use their network of 67 depots across the country in order to fulfil customers delivery needs. The company aims to deliver items both large and small from pallets to packages.

City Link Contact Number – 0843 504 0581

How can I arrange for my parcel to be collected by City Link?

With a large range of delivery options, City Link have a number of choices for you to make before arranging a delivery. City Link specialise in handling a variety of different sized parcels including larger pallets for industrial delivery. Much like the majority of the delivery industry nowadays, they actively encourage you to go to their website in order to get a quote for your item. Using the website isn’t always the most accurate way of arranging delivery as you may not have the correct tools to weigh or measure your item accurately. In order to get the most accurate information on arranging a delivery and getting a quote, it is advised that you call the customer service team at City Link by dialling the number on this page.

What happens if I miss a delivery? Can I speak to someone to about re-arranging the delivery?

Missing a delivery is a common issue that happens more than you would anticipate. Unfortunately due to our busy lives it is not always convenient to be in when a delivery gets arranged, especially when it has been made at short notice. If you are unavailable when a delivery is arranged, then it is possible to either rearrange this delivery at a time more convenient to you or arrange a safe place for it to be delivered. In order to arrange this, you should avoid contacting the customer service department via email and instead contact them over the telephone. Call the customer service team on 0843 504 0581

Can City Link provide business logistics for my company?

With their roots firmly in the industrial sector, City Link are experts in providing business logistics. The company can handle regular deliveries of small parcels and also arrange to transport large items such as pallets. In order to discuss your options, it is advised that you speak to one of the specialist customer service representatives at City Link. This staff member will arrange for an appointment to be made with your company to discuss your options.

For all delivery related enquiries from City Link, do not hesitate to contact their customer service department by calling 0843 504 0581

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