CRB Contact Number – 0843 515 8143

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CRB is the acronym given to the Criminal Record Bureau who were the body tasked with providing checks and information on an individuals official crime records. Having undergone a recent change, the CRB was merged together with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and renamed themselves the Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS for short.

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Despite the CRB name still being commonplace, the actual CRB check does not really exist any more in its previous guise, however the test is still being run. Installed as a result of a variety of inicidents which places various members of the public at risk of exploitation, the CRB test was brought in to investigate that those in positions of power – particularly those who work with children are fit to work in that environment. Many industries have had to endure bad press and a high turn over of employees due to the unsuitability of certain staff. The CRB check does issues a peace of mind to employees and in the example of childcare, peace of mind to those parents who are putting their children into the care of others,

How does the CRB check now work?

The CRB checks are now administered by the DBS and these can be requested by employers when investigating current employees or looking into the past of prospective employees. It is to be noted that members of the public cannot ask for a check from the DBS and will be referred to Disclosure Scotland who will be able to issue a basic disclosure form to you.

In order for an employer to instigate a DBS or CRB check then it is essential that they make an initial phone call to the CRB contact number on 0843 515 8143. During this initial call you will be asked a number of questions which will then lead to an application form being sent in the post. From here you can fill in the firm and return it to the DBS or via an accreddited body. Be warned though, there are a number of companies who have set themselves up in order to over charge customers for simple services that they can access from the government either cheaper or for free. For the complete service, contact the CRB team using the number on this page.


How much will the service cost?

There are three different types of CRB check. A Standard, an Enhanced and also an Enhanced but with added list checks. Each of these tests will take a different length of time.

  • The Standard check will cost you £26 and this will investigate spent and unspent criminal convictions along with cautions, reprimands and other minor offences. This should take up to two weeks to complete.
  • The Enhanced Check will cos £44 and this includes what you get in the standard check but also will give additional information from the police force that is considered to be relevant to this particular position and person. Police will only release relevant information in regards to this. The Enhanced Check will take approximately four weeks to complete.
  • The Enhanced Check (With lists checks) is essentially the same as the enhanced check but also includes information from the DBS barred lists. Information on these lists included notes on individuals who are unsuitable for working with children or adults. People listed on this list are not suitable for certain types of work and if you need to check you will get the appropriate answer. It is against the law to employ someone who is on one of these lists if you are in full knowledge that said person is on that list. This check can only be requested for specific roles and in order to check if that role qualifies, contact the customer service team on the CRB Contact Number – 0843 515 8143

Do I need a CRB check for volunteers?

Some volunteers may fall into this category and in this case you may have to request a CRB check for them. In this instance you will find that the CRB check is free of charge to you and can be conducted in the same time frame as those that you would pay for. It is advised though that you call the CRB Contact Number listed here in order to check if you need to get the check.

For all enquiries relating to CRB and a check that you’d like conducted, call the team at the CRB contact number – 0843 515 8143.

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