DHL Contact Number – 0843 515 9419

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DHL Contact Number – 0843 515 9419

There are many times in which we all experience difficulties with a delivery firm, especially when we’re expecting that all important parcel. If you have a problem with a delivery from DHL, contact their customer service team directly by calling 0843 515 9419.

DHL are one of the most recognised and respected delivery brands in the world. Operated by German firm Deutsche Post and housing its offices in Bonn, DHL still has a main office in other countries, including the UK where they are based in Hounslow.

Handling an extremely large volume of parcels each year all across the globe, DHL are seen as one of the global leaders competing with the likes of UPS and FedEx for custom. The DHL brand has grown astronomically over the years; its branded fleet has expanded from domestic motor vehicles to aeroplanes. The company have also forged a number of strategic partnerships for branding including that of being a principal sponsor of Manchester United Football Club.

DHL Contact Number – 0843 515 9419

Contacting DHL to track your parcel.

It can be a long agonising wait for that parcel that you’ve been waiting for, and DHL are here to assist you in ensuring that you do not miss your delivery. Much like the majority of delivery firms, DHL has an online tracking system on their website. Here you can input the details of your parcel for up to date information. Although this is a convenient system for a number of customers, it is not always possible for you to get online. When a parcel is imminent, you will want to have accurate information as to its delivery. In order to get the most accurate, up to date information regarding your parcel, the best advice would be to contact the customer service team at DHL by calling them using the number listed here.

Arranging an international delivery with DHL.

As DHL’s operation is multinational, they are specialists in handling international parcels. Through the DHL Worldwide service, you will be able to arrange a delivery to a large number of countries. When sending items overseas, it is essential to know and understand the customs laws that are in place. When arranging for your delivery to be made we advise that you call the customer service team at DHL beforehand. Calling beforehand ensures that you have all the correct details and that what you are sending can be accepted into that country without any customs related issues. It is always best to check beforehand that your delivery will be trouble free and in order to do so you should contact the customer service team at DHL on the telephone. The number you need is on this page.

If you have any questions relating to your delivery, be it one relating to a delivery that you are expecting or one that you are sending. Make the telephone based customer service team your first port of call. Contact them now on this number – 0843 515 9419.

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