Direct Line Contact Number – 0843 504 0268

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0268

If you are looking for a new quote or you are looking to discuss an existing claim with Direct Line, their friendly staff are on hand in order to help. You can call the customer service team directly by using this contact number – 0843 504 0268.

Founded in 1985, Direct Line struck a chord with the public by becoming the first insurance firm to operate entirely by a telephone call centre. The company stood out from the crowd at the time as the majority of their rivals were still operating on the high street. Direct Line continued to forge a name for itself by spending big money on billboard and radio advertising campaigns.

Direct Line Contact Number - 0843 515 9448

As time went on, the rest of the industry followed where Direct Line had lead and nowadays all insurers are contactable by phone. The company currently serves over 5 million customers with a variety of different products, and customers have reported excellent service from Direct Line due to their continued mission to keep prices down.

Contacting the Direct Line customer service centre.

Taking calls from customers in regards to insurance products is Direct Line’s speciality. Being the pioneers in this kind of customer service when it comes to insurance, service received over the telephone with Direct Line is generally exceptional. The customer service centre separates into diverse sections that, upon your call, you will be diverted to dependant on what you are phoning in regards to.

In common with many of their competitors, Direct Line have introduced an online contact form in order for customers to communicate with the company. However, for many the preferred method of contact is by telephone, and Direct Line have the facilities to house this method.

Much like Aviva, Direct Line believe that they can offer a more competitive service as they do not list themselves on price comparison websites. With this being the case, it is advised to call the customer service team as you will be able to discuss directly a new or existing policy getting the best and most accurate advice along the way.

Besides car insurance, what else can Direct Line cover?

Direct Line offer out a number of different policies, very much in line with their competitors. By contacting Direct Line, you can talk to the customer service team about van insurance, pet insurance, home and life cover and even breakdown cover. Direct Line have a specialist breakdown team who are available to provide you with a quote or handle a new breakdown enquiry, rapidly dispatching a mechanic to your location. Direct Line also specialise in a range of landlord insurance options – exclusive to this company – offering a level of protection that may be unavailable elsewhere. In order to find out more, it is advised that you contact the customer service team for more information.

What time is the Direct Line customer service centre open?

Direct Line specialise in over the phone customer service and with this they have a large call centre base within the UK. Sadly their operations are not available 24/7. Direct Line are available for you to talk to in regards to any customer service issues between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturdays and 10am-5pm on Sundays. 24-hour emergency help is available, but this line cannot deal with standard enquiries.

For all enquiries relating to Direct Line and their insurance policies, contact the customer service team directly on 0843 504 0268.

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