Disabled Students Allowance Number – 0843 504 0594

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Disabled Students Allowance Number – 0843 504 0594.

Enabling equal opportunities for those with long-term disabilities who still wish to enter long-term education, the Disability Students Allowance provision was set up in order to give assistance in gaining degrees or other qualifications. To find out more, call the Disabled Students Allowance team on – 0843 504 0594.

Disabled Students Allowance (also referred to as DSA) is for those who wish to enter any form of long-term education that is to be that either part time or full time. The suggestion has it that those on full-time courses will be a priority above other applicants. Disabled Student Allowances may coincide with other student financings, such as loans or grants. These payments do not have to be repaid. Other forms of student financing may be means tested. However, the DSA is not and is tailored towards your individual course needs, ensuring that you get the correct benefit for the course that you are going to study.

Disabled Students Allowance Number – 0843 504 0594

How is Disabled Students Allowance awarded?


Unlike standard student financing, Disabled Students Allowance is awarded according to your individual needs. The first step you need to take to apply is to confirm your eligibility; you can do this by making a call to the customer service team using the number on this page. Upon confirmation of eligibility, your claim will go to Student Finance England, who will be able to arrange an appointment with an assessment centre. From here you will be able to have your exact course needs assessed and begin your journey back into education. Here you will discuss the type of equipment you may need, course fees and other accessibility options. Any monies awarded to you will be then paid either directly to you or your financial education. For further details or to book an appointment it is advisable to call the disabled students allowance telephone number on – 0843 504 0594.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Disabled Student’s Allowance?


You will be able to make an application for the Disabled Students Allowance if you are suffering from a disability or long-term health condition, mental health or specific types of learning difficulty such as dyspraxia. You must also be eligible to receive other types of student finance before applying for this award. However, you will not be able to apply if you are from the EU or getting funding from another source. In order to complete your application, you will need various types of proof of your disability in order to process your claim. An essential item is a letter or report from your doctor who can outline your disability. Preparing your application can be difficult and stressful. In order to ensure that you will be getting the application correct in the first instance, it is best to call the support team on 0843 504 0594.


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