DSA Contact Number – 0843 515 8632

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Having gone through serious reform over the years, the DSA (or Driving Standards Agency) is the department run by the Department for Transport, the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency. Now renamed the DVLA, it is the body responsible for the standard of drivers in the UK. If you have been searching for their contact number and have suffered issues finding it due to the renaming, we have found the number to get you to the correct department to answer your questions. You can reach the DSA on – 0843 515 8632.

Contrary to popular belief, despite having gone through cosmetic changes to their organisation, you can still contact the DSA in order to talk about driving tests or other relating driving standards issues. Customer service representatives will be able to assist you with any of your enquiries including the booking of a test.

Having existed as the DSA, the body now consists of the DSA’s existing work and the VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Standards Agency) – who’s logo you’ll still see on your vehicle documentation. This agency is responsible for a variety of issues that the DVLA do not cover. Whereas they are responsible for the issuing of licenses, the DSA is the body who monitor and manage the drivers who take to our roads. Setting out and conducting tests, providing health and safety rules and procedures and are also responsible for the administration of roadside testing and registration plate information. As the bodies merged, the DSA in its new guise became much busier. The majority of customers directly call the DVLA for motor vehicle related issues when at times it should be the DSA contact number that they use. Below are some of the common questions posed to the customer service team at the DSA. Remember, you can speak to an agent using the number on this page.


Booking a test on the DSA helpline

In order to legally drive on the roads across the UK, you will need a full driving licence. This documentation is distributed and managed by the DVLA, yet the testing itself in order for you to get a licence is administered by the DSA. By calling the DSA contact number, you’ll be able to speak to a helpful customer service agent who will assist you in arranging a private test. The majority of customers have this done for them through a driving school. However, if you have opted for an alternate route, you can book your test by calling the DSA Contact Number on 0843 515 8632

How do I arrange a theory test?

Theory tests are carried out at local DSA offices and are the first step towards achieving your full driving licence. Again, it is possible to book this test by calling the number on this page. The test has evolved over the years from a multiple choice, pencil and paper test to a fully computerised multiple choice test that can give you instant results. To arrange a theory test at one of the 150 test centres across the country, call the DSA Contact Number on – 0843 515 8632..

DSA Contact Number -   0843 515 8632

What other services can the DSA provide?

Along with arranging and administering driving testing in the country, the local DSA centres have some specialist facilities for drivers who wish to take advanced or alternative tests. For example in Brentwood you can take the standard driving test along with tests involving taxis and advanced driving instructor courses at levels 2 and 3. There is, however, a waiting list for these tests, and you will have to apply in advance. Ensure that you can sit your test on a day that is suitable for you. Contact the customer service team using the number in this article.

Can I find out information from the DSA about a second-hand car that I’m looking to buy?

Yes, you can, the DSA provides a checker service online and over the phone too, which you can access using the number on this page. If you have some information about the vehicle, the staff can check the validity of the MOT, and also the DSA can run a VIC – Vehicle Identity Check. If a car has a VIC market, then the test can be run to check if the car is still roadworthy after it has been written off in a crash,

For all enquiries relating to driving tests and road safety call the DSA Contact Number on – 0843 515 8632.

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