DVLA Contact Number – 0843 504 0598

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DVLA Contact Number – 0843 504 0598

Contacting the DVLA is essential for drivers who are looking to either add a personalised registration to their car or enquire about tax and licensing. For all queries, contact the DVLA on 0843 504 0598.

Changing the address on my license

As driving licences have changed over the years, the new photo-based ones have enhanced security and have given drivers more security when holding their details. If you move house, then the first step you should take is to contact the DVLA to ensure that your registration is fully up to date. Your address is printed on both parts of your licence and should match your current address. Now that the DVLA have your photo on file, they can issue you a new licence free of charge. In order to process your order, call the customer service team at the DVLA using the contact number on this page.

Changing my registration with the DVLA

Many customers prefer the personal touch with their vehicles, and if you want to make your vehicle more individual then this is one of the best ways to do so. The Driver and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the only department entirely responsible for the allocation of numbers and lettering in relation to vehicle registration. Along with this, they are the only point of contact for any customer who is looking to find a personalised registration for their car. Millions of different numbers are available along with ones available for auction. If you are unsure about the auction process or how to find a new registration, then you should contact the DVLA immediately in order to find out more information.

DVLA logo. DVLA Contact Number - 0843 504 0598

I can’t find the registration I want via the DVLA, but a dealer website has it. Is this legal?

Whereas other agencies and companies purport to sell these items, they will eventually have to go back to the DVLA in the end, and they are not in any way endorsed or licensed by the DVLA. Registration plates that have been owned by others can be traded via these markets, yet the registration that you want may be up for sale at an inflated price. Second-hand plates sold via these dealers are also still subject to the DVLA transfer fee. Further details can be obtained by contacting the customer service team.

What if I can’t find the registration that I want?

When millions of registration numbers are available to customers all over the country, it is perhaps surprising that the exact one that you would like on your vehicle is unavailable. But there are instances where this is the case, and if you find yourself in this situation, it is advised that you contact the DVLA directly in order to place a more specific request. The customer service team will then scan their databases to see if they can supply you with the number that you want.

I had a personalised registration and would like to get it back. Can I do this?

Unfortunately not. Sadly the DVLA cannot help customers resurrect their former personalised registrations. If you have had one in the past and either sold it on or scrapped the vehicle, then the DVLA will have since rid of that number. Because these numbers are completely individual and are requested by the customer for potentially specific reasons, it is impossible to find an old number. For more details and specific enquiries, it is best to contact the DVLA by calling 0843 504 0598.

Can I transfer my current registration to another vehicle?

Whereas you can’t resurrect older or former registration numbers, you can have your current number transferred to another vehicle. There is, however, a charge for this service of £80 and further details can be obtained by contacting the DVLA. Contact the organisation using the telephone number on this page, where the customer service team will walk you through the process.

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