eBay Contact Number – 0843 504 9457

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eBay Contact Number – 0843 504 9457

If you have experienced any problems with your eBay purchase, there can be a fairly long and drawn out process as you attempt to resolve it. While waiting for emails and communication from sellers, you can always find out more from the customer service team who can help investigate your dispute. Contact the eBay customer service team by calling them on 0843 504 9457.

eBay is possibly the most prominently successful company of the dot-com boom. Starting life in 1995, eBay has become possibly the most powerful public trading website on the internet. The online retailer offers users the opportunity to sell their unwanted or unused goods in an auction style, as well as offering ‘buy it now’ options. eBay also gives name brands such as Superdry and Currys/PC World a trusted discount outlet. In the United States, eBay has also teamed up with many high street brands to offer a courier service from their local stores.

eBay Contact Number – 0843 504 9457

Contacting eBay

Whereas eBay transactions are generally dealt with customer to customer, there are occasions in which eBay representatives may have to step in to help resolve an issue between buyer and seller. In this instance, it is advised that along with making your claim in the dispute centre, that you call the customer service team at eBay. The team will be able to give you more advice and also help you further as you progress your claim. If, for example that your item has not arrived in the condition as described in the sellers listing, then you may have a legitimate claim for a refund. With eBay offering full protection for all items bought using PayPal, then you have more cover than ever while spending on the site. In order to discuss a complaint or dispute, it is best to get advice direct from the customer service team. Call them directly on– 0843 504 9475.

Selling other items on eBay – can I sell my car safely on eBay?

Yes, it is indeed totally safe to sell your car on eBay, but it is understandable to see the reasons why you would hesitate. Sellers and buyers of all items on eBay get offered a form of protection should anything go wrong and all these are laid out within the site’s terms and conditions. If you can’t find the specific terms or questions that you need answering then it is advised that you make the call to the eBay customer services contact number. Get in touch with the customer service team on 0843 504 9457 so that they can talk you through posting your car for sale on eBay.

I fear my account has been targeted for fraud, can eBay assist me?

If you feel that your account has been used in a fraudulent way or that you have been ‘hacked’, then it is essential for you to contact the customer service department at eBay immediately. eBay have a strong policy on targeting fraud, and they do not stand for it in any way. In order to be safe in the knowledge that your account is safe, contact the eBay customer service team now on 0843 504 9457.

For all eBay related enquiries as a seller or buyer, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team on this eBay phone number – 0843 504 9457.

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