EDF Energy Contact Number – 0843 515 9436

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Your electricity supply is paramount to your daily life and as a consumer you should be safe in the knowledge that your supply will be professionally managed. If you are experiencing difficulty with any service supplied by EDF Energy, you can contact the customer service team directly on this number, 0843 515 9436.

About EDF Energy

As one of the largest suppliers in the country, EDF Energy are part of the so-called ‘big six’, competing for custom in a crowded marketplace alongside the likes of British Gas, SSE and EON. EDF energy are leading the way in the sector with their backing of producing sustainable energy. Providing their services to 5.5 million homes and businesses up and down the country – EDF Energy now accounts for one fifth of the country’s energy consumption. Owned entirely by the EDF Group, one of the three largest energy firms in Europe, EDF Energy have adapted their business, diversifying from just supplying homes. Now the group also have business concerns, and they are the Nuclear Generation, the Energy Sourcing and Customer Supply team and also the Nuclear New Build. That scheme, along with the Nuclear Generation produce a combined 9 million KW of energy. They are responsible for clean nuclear energy and want to make it safe for use in the future.

EDF Energy Contact Number - 0843 515 9436

Contacting EDF Energy

With your energy supply being so important, it is imperative that you can gain access to customer service agents quickly in the event of any problems. The majority of customers contact EDF in order to talk about a billing issue. With every single individual’s energy consumption being different and also with our busy lives it isn’t always possible to record accurate meter readings in time for your quarterly bills and as a consequence of this, the estimated bill that you receive may be wildly inaccurate. This in turn creates a ‘bill shock’ effect for customers who did not expect a potentially large bill that quarter. In the event of this happening to you, the customer service team at EDF Energy are on hand to help and when you contact them, make sure that you have your EDF account number to hand, (the one beginning 67) and the team will assist you. You can speak to the team about many other issues too including, direct debit and other payment options. EDF Energy are also able to assist you with a plan to help those on a lower income. Along with providing sustainable energy, they also want to make sure that it is affordable for all and you can speak to EDF about a pay as you go plan that may suit your needs.

I’m not happy with the tariff that I am on, can I contact EDF to talk about switching?

With the major suppliers constantly vying for your custom, it is expected that competitive rates will come onto the market all the time. As a customer you have the right to switch supplier and as long as you can receive service from them, you can make the switch. EDF Energy have a dedicated switching team in place how can assist you in moving your account over away from them or you can speak to EDF about joining them and taking advantage of some of their latest tariffs. If you are interested in switching to EDF energy, ensure that you have all the relevant documentation ready for when you call including details of your previous supplier and current meter readings. Contact the switching team on 0843 515 9436.


I’m having trouble logging into my EDF Energy online account. Can the telephone based customer service team help?

With the amount of usernames and passwords that we have for the myriad of services that we use every day, it is entirely possible that you will forget one of them at some point. If this is the case with your EDF Energy online account, then the simplest way to get your account unlocked is to telephone the customer service team on the EDF Energy contact number on this page. Have your account information to hand and upon calling the team they will be able to assist you with retrieving your details. You can call EDF Energy to speak to them about any other aspect of your online service too, including difficulty accessing the EDF Energy smartphone app.

For any issues affecting your energy supply, contact EDF Energy immediately on 0843 515 9436.

All of the above information and a full list of all contact numbers and postal addresses can be found freely within the Public Domain.

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