EE Customer Service Contact Number – 0843 504 0269

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0269

Are you experiencing problems with your 4G service across the country or are you a legacy customer from Orange or T Mobile who is not sure where to turn for service? EE’s customer care team can be contacted by calling this number – 0843 504 0269.

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Formed in 2010, EE, originally launched as Everything Everywhere before being swiftly renamed to the acronym. Merging together two of the biggest and most successful mobile telecommunication brands in the UK, EE brought together the huge number of customers from both Orange and T Mobile and now have over 28 million customers across the country making contact with friends and family on their service.

The merger between France Télécom and Deutsche Telekom was completed with the intention of creating an exceptional 4G network for the UK. With the pressures of the industry, both companies were in regular contact with each other and eventually felt that they’d benefit from the merger – yet both brands, Orange and T Mobile were still popular and are still used to promote the new umbrella name of EE.

Contacting EE

A number of EE customers are new ones who have joined the service have taken out plans or pay as you go tariffs on the newly formed network, but with a merger of two companies which are the size of T Mobile and Orange, there are a number of existing customers who have had their contracts or deal transferred to the new network. Contacting the customer helpline with the phone number on this page should always be the first port of call.

Whether you are a new customer or one of the legacy customers, you can still expect an equal level of support for any issues you may have. By contacting the EE customer services team on 0843 504 0269, you will be presented with a number of options in order to direct you to the correct department. Here, EE can deal with and problem you may have including the most common enquiries such as billing, upgrades and renewals.

Customers of Orange and T Mobile can also contact EE’s customer service team as the customer service departments for the two former brands have now been integrated under the one banner. EE has set up dedicated teams who can deal with and number of specific enquiries from customers of the two former brands and they can also offer support on devices purchased on older contracts.

Questions about 4G

EE are the first network provider in the UK to launch their provision of 4G onto the market and with this new, faster data network many issues can arise for users. Despite covering a large number of the main cities in the UK, EE’s 4G has not entirely been rolled out across the entire country and some customers are reporting problems connecting to the service, instead having to drop back onto 3G or even 2G. As the first 4G provider in the UK, EE’s customer care team can be contacted to talk you through any problems with the super-fast mobile data service and will be able to answer any question you may have. The majority of customers who have moved onto a 4G deal have experienced some connectivity issues over time and are not always clear as to where 4G is available. By calling the customer service team at EE, they will be able to help you set up your 4G phone or device and help you use it to its full potential.

If you have an queries regarding 4G, your old T Mobile or Orange contracts and devices or you simply wish to join, then you can contact EE on 0843 504 0269 now for a rapid response.

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