Equifax contact number – 0843 504 1265

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As one of the main credit check companies in the UK, the Equifax contact number is constantly being phoned by people need to get in touch with their customer service team for one reason or Equifax contact numberanother. Sadly, it is widely perceived that the majority of the people ringing their contact number are not, in fact, happy customers, but are people looking to make a complaint.

The reasons for this backlash are relatively easy to read – and it is something that has blighted the majority of the credit score checker industry for a number of years. Experian has also fallen foul of such a reputation, whereas both companies have now been trumped by Noddle. However, Equifax still has a healthy base of clients – a high percentage of those need to call their customer service number quite regularly.

Who are Equifax?

For those who are unaware, Equifax is a credit score checking company. These businesses have sprung up as they allow individuals to check how lenders and credit card companies view them. Such checks enable people to apply for the right kind of loans without further affecting their credit score. An individual’s credit score can hugely affect the kind of rates that a person pays on a mortgage or other form of debt.

Allowing people to see their credit score means that the company is letting individuals take more control of their financial future. However, this service does come at a premium – which currently costs around £14.95 per month.

So why do so many people call the Equifax contact number?

Judging by feedback on social media, the main reason why people are trying to get in touch with Equifax phone numberthe Equifax team is in order to raise a complaint or another related issue with the company.

Equifax offers a free month’s trial but much like Experian, they quickly bump up the charges for those who stay with the service. While it may be easy to sign up, many users have noted that it is incredibly difficult to cancel a membership. And these cancellations can only be done over the phone, and only with the correct details to hand. For this reason, a lot of people call the Equifax phone number in order to cancel their subscription, and a high volume of people also dial to look for a refund or to complain.

Are there other reasons why people dial?

Of course, there are a number of other reasons that people dial, from complaints and refunds to cancellations. People also have issues with the website that need resolving, billing problems and general enquiries – all of which only a human can accurately handle. For all of this and more, speak to a member of the Equifax contact number team by calling our number.


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