esure contact number – 0843 504 0225

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Click to Call: esure contact number – 0843 504 0225

In the ultra-competitive insurance market finding the right quote for the type of cover that you want can be difficult. esure are ready to take your call, handle your enquiry and hopefully offer you the quote you need. You can contact them to discuss your policy directly by calling 0843 504 0225.

esure have a rich history in the insurance business despite only being in existence for such a short period of time. Founded in 2000 by the man behind Direct Line and the popular ladies brand, Sheila’s Wheels, Peter Wood launched esure as a telephone and online based insurance firm. Growing in reputation over the years thanks to a very high-profile, creative advertising campaign featuring film director Michael Winner. The company have recently floated on the stock exchange after Lloyds Banking Group sold their 70% stake in the group back to Peter Wood for an estimated £170 million. esure are regarded as one of the largest motor vehicle insurers in the UK and have gained a reputation for competitive pricing.

esure breakdown cover. esure contact number – 0843 515 8362

Why choose esure over other insurers?

With the market becoming increasingly competitive over the years, it is notoriously difficult to find a premium that would work for you. It is reported that a number of premiums are increasing in the current climate and customers are increasingly attempting to search for a cheaper policy. esure focus their attention on lower risk drivers – ones who have collected a large number of years of no claims discount. The company offers them a more competitive premium and a chance to get rewarded for their safer driving over the years. esure does however also give competitive premiums to customers of a more high-risk nature. Their philosophy is to remain competitive as much as possible. With esure’s links to companies such as Sheila’s Wheels, they have a specialist knowledge of providing niche insurance and can appear more competitive.

What other types of insurance can I get from esure?

Despite the reputation that esure has gained for providing competitive car insurance, the company also offer out other types of insurance. Much in line with the rest of the industry, esure also offer home, pet, travel, specialist motorcycle and van insurance. Also – again much like their competitors – esure offer multicar policies, allowing you to save by adding two cars to one policy. In order to find out more and get a tailored quote, it is advised that you directly contact the customer service team at esure by calling them using the number on this page.

What is the Just in Case cover that I have heard esure provide?

Just in Case is a type of extra cover which protects some of the items not normally covered in a standard policy. Items such as car keys, misfuelling, personal injury and more. These additions do come as an added price on your premium, but can be worth taking, as they say, ‘just in case’. Contact the customer service team at esure to make sure you’re getting the best cover.

To ensure that you are getting the most comprehensive and cost effective cover from esure, contact the customer service team directly by calling – 0843 504 0225

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