First Direct Contact Number – 0843 515 0586

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First Direct Phone Number 0843 504 0586

Banking has changed so much over the years and with customers’ increasingly busy lifestyles, banks have changed to adapt. Most customers don’t get the chance to physically enter a branch now, and that is why banks like First Direct came to prominence. If you’re a customer of the online-only bank, finding their contact number is difficult, which is why we created Contact Numbers UK. You can reach First Direct here on 0844 504 0586.

About First Direct

First Direct was launched in October 1989 by one of the UK’s “Big Four” banks, the then Midland Bank, (now named HSBC after its acquisition in 1992). It was the first bank with no high street branches that offered the usual full range of products and services, but all via telephone. A revelation at the time, customers flocked to the new service which included savings, credit, loans and more. The changes followed customer feedback showing that people wanted a speedy and convenient service from its bank. This innovative bank received 2,000 calls per day from its launch, and 100,000 customers had signed up with them by the end of its first year of trading. Within five years First Direct’s customer numbers had risen to over half a million. First Direct uses a strikingly simple typeface and very individual black and white style, thus creating a distinctive and memorable brand style, this has been continually used in advertising campaigns since 1995. First Direct have a dedicated, helpful and courteous customer support team who can help deal with a number of enquiries. You can contact them on 0843 504 0586 to speak to a customer service representative, 24 hours every day, 365 days of the year.

First Direct Contact Number - 0843 515 0586

Contacting First Direct

First Direct have their entire banking operation run online and via telephone, making their customer service extremely essential. With First Direct having to field a large number of calls surrounding customer accounts, the staff are highly trained to deal with any question that you may have. Many of the calls made to the centre are about current accounts and various problems associated with them. Many issues including mistaken transactions, transferring funds, overdrafts and more, and these issues can all get dealt with over the telephone.

How can I open a new bank account over the telephone with First Direct?

As customers’ habits and lifestyles changed, the ability to visit a branch of your bank has become difficult. The desire to open a new account with an innovative bank such as First Direct has helped changed the way customers conduct their banking. If you feel that First Direct’s approach to banking may suit your lifestyle better than a traditional bank, setting a new account up is simple. Contact the First Direct team on 0843 504 0586 and the customer services team will help you set up your new account and arrange other services for you if you require them.

What other services can First Direct offer other than a bank account?

Despite First Direct being primarily an online bank hosting current accounts, the service has grown rapidly in order to offer other products. These products may appeal to a number of customers who are thinking of switching from other high street banks. Whereas current accounts are similar across banks, the other services that online-only banks such as First Direct can offer can potentially be more advantageous than their competitors. You can contact First Direct to discuss mortgage options and other long-term lending or savings plans. Do this by contacting First Direct on their customer service via the number on this page.

I have recently moved house, how do I let First Direct Bank know about my new address?

If you have recently moved, there are many things that could potentially slip your mind in the myriad of other problems that you have to handle. If you have just moved, then you must ensure that First Direct are notified immediately to ensure your bank accounts are all updated with your new details. Informing them immediately also ensures that no important details get lost in the post along with anything diverted to new addresses. The best course of action to take is to contact the customer service team directly using the number on this page. However, for added peace of mind you can confirm your new address by writing to the bank with the address here.

First Direct,
40 Wakefield Road,
LS98 1FD

For all account enquiries contact the First Direct customer service team immediately on 0843 515 0586.

All of the above information can be found freely within the Public Domain and via their website, click ‘HERE‘ to be redirected.

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