Green Flag contact number – 0843 504 0234

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0234

Do you need to discuss your Green Flag membership or get in touch with a member of staff in order to report a new breakdown and receive assistance? If so it is essential that you call the Green Flag number here on 0843 504 0234.

Finding its roots placed firmly in West Yorkshire, Green Flag was formed in the back of a chippy in Bradford in 1961. The company began its life as a membership scheme, charging new members £1.50 per year (for those residents of the West Yorkshire area). Green Flag acted as an alternative to the AA and the RAC, and the company then known as the National Breakdown Recovery Club has since grown into a national entity providing leading service in vehicle recovery. Retaining their Yorkshire roots, the company’s head office is still based in the area and is now a subsidiary of the Direct Line group.

Green Flag contact number – 0843 515 9098

Why should I choose to contact Green Flag over their rivals?

Green Flag have prided themselves on holding a number of advantages over their rivals, the main one being that they appear as a much cheaper alternative – while still providing the same level of cover. You can contact Green Flag directly using the number on this page and from there you can discuss the number of different cover options that are available to you. Green Flag can even offer a European cover option in case you are looking at going on a trip abroad. Green Flag’s reputation has grown over the years as they have grown to become one of the most reputable breakdown recovery firms. By joining Green Flag, you can receive true ‘all year round’ cover. Due to the range of different types of cover that you can find from Green Flag the company have become more appealing over the years with customers.

Can I get cover from Green Flag if I put the wrong type of fuel in my car?

Using the wrong type of fuel is a common problem, more common than you would realise as a large number of customers have fallen foul to a mistake at the pumps. A recent survey has revealed that every four minutes, someone puts the wrong type of fuel in their car.  Many customers would assume that repairing this mistake can be expensive, but this is not the case. Green Flag have a specialist team in place in order to help with this problem. The ‘Misfuelling Cover’ can join to any policy that you take out with Green Flag to give you that added peace of mind when on the roads. If this type of accident does occur, then you will be safe in the knowledge that you are covered. For more details, contact the customer service team using the number on this page.

I’ve broken down and currently don’t have any cover. Can I sign up to Green Flag over the phone and immediately get assistance?

Yes, this is a possibility and by simply contacting the Green Flag customer service team by dialling the telephone number on this page, you can arrange cover immediately. However be aware that due to not already being covered by the company and immediately requesting a recovery on sign up will incur an extra charge. This premium has been introduced to reduce customers taking advantage of the service.

In order to arrange a new breakdown policy with Green Flag or update your details on your current policy, you can contact the Green Flag customer service team directly by calling 0843 504 0234

Direct Line Contact Number – 0843 504 0268
esure contact number – 0843 504 0225