Groupon Contact Number – 0843 504 0587

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Groupon Contact Number – 0843 504 0587

If you have purchased a special offer from Groupon and have had an issue with your item or offer, then the first step you should take is to contact the customer service team at Groupon by calling 0843 504 0587.

Groupon are truly the pioneers of daily deals marketed directly to customers who subscribe to their email lists. Rapidly growing from their humble beginnings – where the fledgling company provided discount vouchers for the pizza restaurant in their building – Groupon, (an amalgamation of the term Group Coupon) is set to be the fastest company to make $1 billion. The majority of retailers who offer deals via Groupon are independent traders or events who are looking to drum up new business or sell off excess stock. Retailers add discount vouchers to the website in exchange for a cut of the purchase in order for Groupon to market them. Recently Groupon have diversified their service to add Groupon VIP for their members and other services.

Groupon Contact Number – 0843 504 0587

I have made a purchase via Groupon and the retailer has failed to fulfil the voucher promise.

This is by far the most common problem with Groupon customers. Many are quick to purchase a deal from the website without checking the exact terms and conditions as the offer can be too good to miss out on. In this case it is more difficult to argue that you will be in the right when it comes to redeeming your deal. If however, the vendor has broken the agreed terms of the voucher that you have purchased via Groupon, then you have room to complain. Due to the fact that you don’t have a physical Groupon shop to return the voucher to, in order to get your problem resolved, it is essential for you to telephone Groupon using their contact in order to discuss the problem. Call Groupon now on their customer service contact number – 0843 504 0587.

Can I cancel a purchase I’ve made with Groupon?

Yes it is indeed possible for you to cancel your purchase with Groupon. Generally it is accepted that you should check the terms and conditions on the website when purchasing your deal and this will give you a much better understanding of your statutory rights. Yet there are times where you may simply change your mind about a purchase and in this case you should have seven days in order to cancel your purchase. In order to find out more about this and ensure that you can cancel if you desire to do so, then telephone the customer service team at Groupon by calling their contact number on – 0843 504 0857.

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