Home Office Contact Number – 0843 487 1813

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There are many reasons as to why you would need to contact the Home Office and if you have been searching hard for the correct telephone number then we have done the hard work for you. Call the Home Office Contact Number on – 0843 487 1813.

The Home Office is a department of the UK Government that provides a large amount of services to the public. Dealing with immigration, tackling terrorism, arranging laws on such things as drugs and alcohol and much more. Their immediate goal is to ensure the safety of the residents of this country and ensure that they are all protected by the laws which we must adhere to. The Home Office are responsible for giving the police force certain powers in order t tackle sections of crime. They also deal with passport related issues – such as immigration and emigration and of course the issue of your passport.To speak to a member of the Home Office team, call the Home Office Contact Number – 0843 487 1813.


What services can I contact the Home Office about? 

With the Home Office covering so many different sections of UK policy and legislation, it can be difficult to understand exactly what you can contact the customer service team for, Managed by the Right Honourable Theresa May, MP, the Home Office controls a number of policies and can assist you with any of these common problems. Many people reach out to the Home Office in order to deal with serious questions in relation to UK law. The Home Office have a responsibility to administer and monitor UK laws and despite the system being extremely complicated, there are times when you may have specific questions that you have not been able to get the answer for. In this instance, it is best advised to contact the customer service team from the Home Office who will be able to direct your call. Speak to a representative on the Home Office Contact Number – 0843 487 1813.

Home Office Contact Number - 0843 487 1813

Can I speak to the Home Office directly about immigration?

The Home Office is the best body to contact if you would like to discuss any aspect of immigration. Whereas most people will direct questions to their specific consulates, there is a more direct route to be taken here by contacting the Home Office. The team here are fully responsible for all aspects of immigration and border control including the issuing of passports and immigration documentation. To speak to the team about any concerns you may have over immigration, call the Home Office using the number on this page.

Do the Home Office deal with complaints?

If you have a valid complaint regarding any service that the Home Office may administer then you may have the right to complain. Obviously the Home Office deal with a number of serious cases on a daily basis, if you are in the position to complain, then you should contact the Home Office team immediately using the number on this page. The Home Office will attempt to address your complaint within 20 days and you can contact them at any point during this period in order to discuss this with them. Call the Home Office Contact Number on – 0843 487 1813.

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