Housing Benefit Number – 0843 506 9228

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Need help finding the Housing Benefit Number? Thankfully we have put this page together to help you get in contact with the Housing Benefit team via our phone number – 0843 506 9228

Seen as an essential part of the governmental benefits reform over the years, Housing Benefit is soon to be part of the new Universal Credit system. In order to find out more, call the claimant care team on – 0843 506 9228.

This benefit costs the government around £24 billion a year; this is estimated to account for 30% of the welfare budget in the UK. Housing Benefit has been contested heavily over the years and is one of the many welfare payments that comes under most scrutiny. Recently huge changes have been made to Housing Benefit and the introduction of the under occupancy charge, (also known as the ‘bedroom tax’) has been the most controversial. Claimants deemed to be living in properties that are too large have had their Housing Benefit cut in order encourage these claimants into smaller, more appropriate properties. Despite the changes and the controversy, housing benefit remains as important as ever, and those claiming rely on it.

Housing Benefit forms

How do I find out if I’m eligible for Housing Benefit?

If you are earning under £16,000 per year, (either through working or other benefits) and you are responsible for rent payment, then there is a possibility of you making a claim. Dependent on how much money you are earning or having been awarded from any other benefits – the amount of Housing Benefit that you can claim may be affected. The more that you are earning or claiming, the less housing benefit you will receive. To ensure that you are making the right declarations in your application, it is advisable that you contact the customer care team within the housing benefits department. Advisers will be able to talk you through your application. Call them on the housing benefit phone number – 0843 506 9228.

Will my new application be added to Universal Credit immediately?

Housing Benefit Number – 0843 506 9228

If you currently reside in one of the Universal Credit test areas, then it is entirely possible that your new claim for Housing Benefit will be given consideration alongside your Universal Credit payment. If, however, your area has not begun to roll out Universal Credit then your Housing Benefit application will still be processed and paid as normal. Upon applying for the first time, (which can be done by calling the number on this page) you will be informed as to how your application is progressing. The majority of Housing Benefit applications are referred immediately back to your local council who handle all the payments. Again, you can contact the customer service team within the Housing Benefit department on – 0843 506 9228.

When can I call the Housing Benefit team on the phone?

You can call the main Housing Benefits team on the phone during weekday working hours. Some of the phone lines will divert to the department within your local council. In this instance, it is expected that the lines will be open from approximately 8am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday and closed at weekends along with public and bank holidays. Call the housing benefit team on – 0843 506 9228

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