Income Support Contact Number – 0843 5040 529

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0843 5040 529

Contact phone number for Income Support benefits and claims enquiry.

Income Support Contact Number – 0843 5040 529

Finding the correct contact number for the benefits services that you need can be difficult. When searching for information relating to a new or existing claim for income support the first port of call that you should make is by calling the Income Support contact number on 0843 5040 529

Income Support is the benefit that is available for those who are in work and on a lower income. It is also there to support those who have a valid claim as to not taking further employment, such as having to look after a disabled relative or having to care for children. The benefit is also available for those who are in education or lone parents. There are strict rules involved in claiming the benefit though, and Income Support claims are assessed – as with others – on an individual basis. In order to work out whether you are eligible or to discuss a new claim, it is imperative that you speak to the customer service team on this Income Support contact number immediately – 0843 515 9418

Income Support Contact Number – 0843 5040 529

How long does it take for a claim for Income Support to be processed?

Each case for Income Support gets assessed on an individual basis and with this there is no particular set amount of time for a claim to be processed. If you think that you are eligible for Income Support, or even if you are unsure before processing a claim, the first step you should take is to telephone the customer service team. Reach the team via the income support contact number in order to get the best advice. Customers have reported varying lengths of time when it comes to the processing of a new claim, with the shortest length being around two weeks and others reporting wait times of four weeks or more. However, it must be noted that there could be a wait time of up to 39 weeks when it comes to processing claims that involve a variety of extra qualifying conditions including the likes of mortgages. Although you should get your benefit before then, there is a chance that some of the payment may not go through immediately.  The most accurate method of keeping track of your claim is to stay in regular communication with the Income Support Contact Number team by calling them on 0843 5040 529.

I feel that the decision regarding my claim for Income Support is incorrect – how can I appeal against this?

It is understandably upsetting if you have received a rejection in the decision that made in relation to your income support claim. If you feel that the decision made by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is incorrect, then there is a process available for you to challenge this decision. You first step should be to make a call to the Income Support customer services team on their contact number – 0843 5040 529. From there you can speak to a customer care representative who can help you challenge the decision. There is a chance that you can have your appeal heard at a personal, independent tribunal who can conduct a more thorough and in-depth investigation. You can only make an appeal over your entitlement to the benefit, or the rate you receive, overpayments and backdated benefits. You cannot appeal however if your benefit has been suspended or that you feel you should be receiving an interim payment while decisions are being made. You can ask for all reasoning in writing, but it is important to establish all the facts before making your appeal. The helpful customer service team are on hand to talk you through any appeal you may wish to make, and you can contact the Income Support team directly on 0843 515 9418

I was making a sickness based Income Support claim, and I was told that the benefit is changing. What is happening?

There is a change coming for Income Support benefits that are being made in relation to sickness claims. As part of the government’s benefits reform, these type of claims are being moved over to the Employment and Support Allowance team, (ESA). There is no real change in how much you should be able to claim, it will just be under a different type of payment name. It is understandable that you may be confused in relation to this change, and if this is the case, it is vitally important that you call the Income Support Contact Number. You can reach this number on 0843 5040 529 or for more information on ESA, you can telephone their customer service team on the ESA contact number.

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