LV Insurance Contact Number – 0843 504 0588

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LV Insurance Contact Number – 0843 504 0588

In order to discuss an existing claim, make a new one or even just find out about a new policy with LV, the first step you should take is to speak to them. To speak to one of the customer service advisors within the company, you can contact them by calling this number – 0843 504 0588.

LV, or Liverpool Victoria, is one of the older insurance firms, formed in 1843. The company has grown over time to become one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK. Offering customers a number of different products including car and pet insurance, LV have an approach to business seen as more ethical than some of their competitors. LV tells its customers that they are finding a policy that protects what they love, projecting a family-friendly image. Expanding their operation in order to form partnerships with the likes of ASDA and Nationwide, LV have significantly grown to become one of the most powerful insurance firms in the country.

LV Insurance Contact Number - 0843 504 0588

Contacting LV.

The majority of customers have the need to contact LV in order to arrange a new claim. Like most companies these days, LV have encouraged many customers to relay details of claims online. There are times where that can be convenient, but in the majority of occasions, it is preferable that you have the opportunity to speak to a customer service agent. In the event of a claim, you may have to relay some sensitive information. In this case, it is much easier to ensure that your details are processed correctly by speaking to someone in the customer service team. You can contact them by using the number on this page. For those who are not yet customers of LV, you can still contact LV in order to discuss any one of their policies not just limited to their car insurance. LV also offer customers life cover along with savings and investment plans. In order to find out more and discuss these details, it is advised that you call the customer service team on 0843 504 0588.

Making a claim with LV on the phone.

Calling LV is the best way to ensure that your claim goes through in the swiftest manner. Despite a push from most companies to try and transfer this data collection online, it is preferential for a customer to speak to a person. Speaking to an operator ensures that no detail is missed, especially in the event of a car accident. We advise that you have all relevant details to hand when making your call, and beforehand it is essential that you have all the facts in place.

Making a complaint to LV.

There are times when not every piece of customer service goes flawlessly, and it is sad when you feel that you have to make a complaint. If this is the case though, you can still contact the LV customer service team on the phone in order to assess this situation. No-one likes having to make a complaint, but LV and their customer care team are there to assist you with any problem you may have. You can contact them directly using the customer service number on this page.

For all issues relating to your LV policy, to make a claim or to find out more about LV’s products, do not hesitate to call their customer service department on 0843 504 0588.

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