Maternity Allowance Contact Number – 0843 504 0224

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Click to call: Maternity Allowance Contact Number – 0843 504 0224

The process of pregnancy can create a myriad of issues that you will have to deal with along the way. With all these matters on your mind, it is imperative that everything is in place for when your child is born. Maternity Allowance is a benefit targeted at expectant women who do not qualify for statutory maternity pay. This benefit can be of assistance during the most stressful part of your pregnancy and in order to find out all the details call the customer service team directly on this Maternity Allowance Contact Number – 0843 504 0224

Working life has changed so much over the past few years and in order to fit in with business demands and people’s lifestyles, different types of contract have been created. These contracts include the much talked about ‘zero hours’ contract, which does not allow employees the same benefits that a standard full-time working contract allows. Due to this, it is possible that you will not be entitled to statutory maternity pay. If this is so, it is understandable that you may panic, but if you are eligible then you could stand to be accepted for Maternity Allowance. If you are unsure about your eligibility or just want to find out more, you can telephone the customer care team on this direct Maternity Allowance contact number – 0843 504 0224

Maternity allowance form. Maternity Allowance Contact Number - 0843 515 8497

My employer tells me I won’t qualify for Maternity Allowance, how can they know this?

It is virtually impossible for employers to be aware of your status when it comes to applying for benefits. Your personal situation could change at any time, and they will not know the full qualifying criteria for any one set of benefits. Every person putting in a claim for Maternity Allowance needs to pass the qualifying process and the only way to know for sure if you can claim is by getting in touch with the Maternity Allowance team. You can contact the team via the number on this page.

What is the process I need to take to start my Maternity Allowance claim?

The first step that you should take when beginning your Maternity Allowance claim is to make a call and contact the customer care team. The steps involved in making your claim should be fairly simple, especially if it is your first time. In order to make your claim, you will have to fill in the MA1 form that can either be sent to you in the post or downloaded from the website. As with any application form, completing it can be confusing. Although the main part of your application has to be done using this form, contacting the customer service team using the phone number on this page can help with your application. A member of the team can talk you through the process on the phone to ensure that you don’t make any mistake. After applying you should receive a decision within 14 days.

I have received a decision and I am not happy with it. Can I make an appeal over the phone?

It is understandably distressing if you have not received the decision that you expected on your claim for Maternity Allowance, and if you are unhappy with it, then there is a process for appeal. There are, however, two separate types of appeal all dependent on the date when you received the initial decision. In order to avoid confusion as to making the correct type of appeal, it is essential to contact the customer service team who will guide you through the process. You can telephone them on 0843 504 0224

When is the best time to contact the Maternity Allowance customer service team?

You can access the Maternity Allowance helpline during standard office hours. The team also allow an extra hour either side of the 9am-5pm standard hours in order to fit in with your day. You can directly contact the customer service team at Maternity Allowance by calling 0843 504 0224 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

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