Mobility Allowance phone number – 0843 515 8141

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Mobility Allowance Contact Number – 0843 515 8141

As the move towards bringing the disability living benefits under one umbrella – rebranding as PIP (Personal Independent Payment) – continues, mobility allowance is being made eventually obsolete. In order to fully understand changes to the system and how it may affect you with any benefit you may receive, it is best to contact the Mobility Allowance department on – 0843 515 8141.

Disability living allowance has been split into two separate components and they include both a care allowance and a mobility allowance. The mobility section provides assistance for yourself or the person that you are caring for in order to assist their day to day mobility. This could be something as simple as assistance getting to the shops or longer distance travel for things such as regular hospital trips. Currently comprised of two separate rates, something which will be carried through upon the change to PIP. The lower rate is currently, (as of writing) set at £21.65 per week and the higher rate at £56.75.

Does Mobility Allowance directly translate to Motobility?

Mobility Allowance phone number - 0843 515 8141

Motobility is the national charity set up in order to provide motor vehicles for disabled drivers or carers. A large number of dealerships across the UK are accredited Motobility dealers and often have a specialist sales person with knowledge of the Motobility process. Whereas you can currently use your mobility allowance in order to contribute towards or fully pay for the hire of a vehicle with Motobility, there are many intricate details as towards how this will work. In order to get the best advice and to see if you will be using your entire benefit to pay for your Motobility vehicle, it is best advised that you contact the customer service team by calling the mobility allowance phone number on – 0843 515 8141.

Will the changes to the Personal Independence Payment affect me now?

As the government continue to reshape their benefits system, disability living allowance is one of the many benefits that is undergoing a facelift. Eventually rebranded by 2016 as the PIP, mobility allowance will be included in this. Currently there are no changes to the amount of money that you will be able to claim, there are changes in the way that new applications are made. Currently any new applications for disability living allowance or mobility allowance are being referred to as claims for PIP. Eligibility has not changed too much, but more regular checks are being added to ensure that fraud is wiped out. In order to ensure that you are eligible for this benefit or to make sure that your payments continue without any issues then it is best to contact the customer care team by calling – 0843 515 8141.

At what times can I contact the mobility allowance team?

As with the majority of government helplines, they operate opening hours of 8.30am to 5pm every Monday to Friday, closing on weekends, public and bank holidays. Despite there being a wealth of information online at the government website, sometimes it is not always clear and clarification is essential. Contact the mobility allowance team on – 0843 515 8141.

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