Nationwide Contact Number – 0843 515 8366

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Nationwide Contact Number – 0843 515 8366

Nationwide can offer you a number of different services from standard current accounts to long term investment and credit. For all queries relating to their products, you can contact the customer service team directly by calling them on – 0843 515 8366.

Nationwide have grown from its more humble beginnings in 1846 to become the largest financial institution of its kind. Having gone through nearly 100 separate mergers and acquisitions over the years, Nationwide has become one of the most recognised and powerful high street banking names. Retaining a code of ethical lending, Nationwide have always stood apart from their rivals Barclays, HSBC and Natwest, offering customers a different kind of banking.

Nationwide Contact Number – 0843 515 8366

Contacting Nationwide about investing my money long term?

Nationwide are able to offer a number of long term investment options that may be suitable for you. ISA’s are becoming increasingly popular with customers as they look to secure some of their savings. Nationwide have a wide range of different ISA’s with fixed rates for a number of years making them more flexible than other savings of its type. To find out more about this and enquire about which savings account would be better for you, then it is advised that you contact the customer service team immediately to discuss your options.

What are the advantages of taking a credit card with Nationwide?

Nationwide credit cards appear to be extremely popular with customers due to their simpler terms and conditions. Nationwide currently offer out three separate types of credit card with a variety of different benefits. Some are geared towards helping you transfer other balances – hopefully with the aim of saving you money. The others are geared towards offering 0% on new purchases for a fixed period of time. Nationwide credit cards have been lauded for their flexibility and preferential interest rates when it comes to new customers applications. For all details in relation to applying for a Nationwide credit card, it is advised that you contact the customer service team at Nationwide to talk about the application process. Please be aware that all applications are based on individual circumstances and there are no guarantees of acceptance.

Can Nationwide offer an opportunity to help me reduce my outgoings via consolidation?

Mounting debt is always a huge concern for many customers. Over recent years – especially after the credit crunch – a large number of people have had issues keeping up with repayments on credit based products. Whereas it is not advisable that you borrow more in order to pay off what you have, consolidating your debt into one easier payment can make things a bit easier for you. It is best to first of all see independent advice, but if you want to apply to consolidate then you can contact the customer service team at Nationwide who will discuss the best option for you.

At what times can I contact Nationwide Customer Services?

The customer service team at Nationwide are available to talk to you about any of their products and services from 8am-9pm Monday – Friday and also Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5pm.

In order to discuss any services offered by Nationwide and you can’t make it to a branch, then the first step that you should take is to contact the customer service team by calling – 0843 515 8366.

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