O2 Customer Service Contact Number – 0843 515 8129

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It is often frustrating when you suffer an issue with your mobile phone and as a customer of O2, you will want to have access to knowledgeable customer service staff. In order to deal with the number of problems you may face, O2 have set up a dedicated customer care team and the best way to contact them is by calling this phone number – 0843 515 8129.

O2 Customer Service Contact Number – 0843 515 8129

Under the ownership of Spanish telecommunications giant, Telefónica, O2 have become one of the most recognised and trusted brands with customers. Starting out life as BT Cellnet, Telefónica have transformed the company that they purchased in 2005 into one of the most respected mobile network providers in the UK. Diversifying over the years, O2 have also provided a number of other services including broadband, fixed telephone landlines and more recently financial services with O2 money. O2 also set up the country’s first free WI-FI zone in central London, operating around their O2 stores. With their popularity continuing to grow across the UK, it is paramount that it is simple to contact the company for any issues you may have.

Contacting O2

O2 receive a large number of queries every day in regards to a variety of different problems. A large number of customers still contact the customer service team in order to discuss billing on their pay monthly contracts or to talk about their pay as you go tariff. O2 have dedicated teams to deal with both these types of enquiries. Whatever your enquiry, upon calling O2 a staff member will direct you to the correct department dependant on the nature of your enquiry.

Along with questions relating to billing, O2’s customer care contact centre also receive a large volume of calls in regards to technical problems. There is nothing more stressful and inconvenient than losing service on your phone or suffering a problem with your handset. O2 have a technical support team available on their helpline, who can assist you in solving any problem you may have encountered. In some extreme circumstances, it has been reported that O2 have offered refunds or replacement handsets to their customers who have been experiencing a number of issues.

What happens when I call O2?

When contacting O2, you will be offered a number of different options in order to direct your call to the correct customer service department. As stated, a large number of calls coming into O2’s customer service centre are in regards to billing issues such as overcharging and direct debit payments. The team are ready to deal with any type of enquiry you may have. Upon connecting with the customer care team, you will be faced with a number of options in order to direct your call. As a new customer interested in finding a new deal to suit your needs you can also contact the team in order to discuss your options. O2 customers who have taken out their broadband packages in the past can also talk to the team about the migration to Sky broadband – after they purchased the division in 2012. Problems with O2 email and also their financial service, O2 money can be discussed with the team here too.

If you have any issues relating to your O2 product or device, then you can reach the customer service team directly by calling – 0843 515 8192.

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