Orange Customer Service Number – 0843 515 8331

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As Orange and T-Mobile rebrand as EE in the UK, it can be confusing as to whether your Orange branded product and contracts are still supported. For any number of questions that you may have, you can contact the customer service team on 0843 515 8331.

Formed in 1993, Orange were one of the first mobile network operators in the UK and went on to be one of the most recognised brands on the market. Forging links with the film industry in the UK, Orange became famous for a number of reasons. The most famous of these reasons being their promotional trailers screening in cinemas all across the country and also for their ‘Orange Wednesdays’ 2-4-1 cinema ticket promotion. In 1999, the company was contacted by France Télécom (now Orange SA) who then bought the firm and continued to trade as Orange, along with the other businesses in France Télécom’s portfolio. It was in 2009 that an announcement came declaring that Orange would be merging with T-Mobile and their parent company Deutsche Telekom. The two firms merged to operate under the name of EE in the UK – where they would pioneer the launch of the 4G data network to customers with a number of new plans for customers.

Orange Customer Service Number – 0843 515 8331

Contacting Orange customer support.

After the merger of Orange and T-Mobile into the new EE brand, customers expressed a number of fears. Some customers feared that their already existing Orange contracts and devices might suffer from a lack of support as concentration focused on new EE customers. This fear was unfounded, and Orange customers can contact the customer service team to get the same level of support that they always have.

By making contact with Orange on this number – 0843 515 8331, you will be connected to a dedicated Orange customer service representative housed within EE, who will be able to deal with your enquiry. Common questions include ones on billing and changes to payments after the merger and also technical support for Orange branded devices. By contacting the customer care team, they will help solve any confusion you may suffer over the make-up of your Orange contract under the EE banner.


What can the customer care centre help me with?

Upon contacting the Orange customer care team with the phone number on this page, it will put you directly in contact with one of the Orange specialists in the EE customer care department. From here you will have a number of options to choose from and you will be able to speak to a member of the customer service team. This team member can assist you with a technical problem, an issue with the network or a problem with your billing setup.  By calling the team here, who are available from 7am to 8pm seven days a week, you’ll be able to get an answer to any question you may have.

If you are confused or concerned about the state of your Orange deal after the merger to EE, do not hesitate to call the customer service team on 0843 515 8331 to talk through any issues you have. 

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