Npower Contact Number – 0843 515 9433

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Having trouble with your Npower account or services? If so, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team at Npower directly by calling their helpline number on 0843 515 9433.

The energy market in the UK is dominated by what the press have dubbed the ‘big six’ energy providers, including the likes of British Gas and SSE. Npower sit amongst their peers in that so called collection of businesses as one of the biggest, supplying domestic and business gas and electricity to over 6 million customers in the country. Previously trading as Innogy in the UK, Npower was rebranded during a takeover by another German energy powerhouse, RWE. From that day forward they have been known as Npower. Sticking to what they know best, Npower have made their central interests that of solely supplying gas and electricity, unlike some of their rivals who have ventured into other products. However all has not been rosy in the Npower garden as the supplier came under fire from the government and other pressure groups who have lobbied customers to make the switch from Npower due to their avoidance in paying tax.

Getting in contact with Npower.

Npower have ensured that their customers can reach them with any number of issues that they may experience while using their services as they have created a centralised customer service base. Knowledgeable staff man this base, ready to assist with any question. A large number of calls placed with the Npower customer service team are in regards to the tariff that the customer is on currently. With the ever increasingly competitive market, Npower are keen to assure customers that they can remain competitive, giving them the same benefits as many of their rivals. You can contact a customer service representative directly to talk about your current tariff and the potential to switch to one which is more beneficial to you. Of course you could contact the customer service helpline in order to discuss a move away from Npower. Whatever your issue, the team will assist in the best way. For direct contact, telephone this number – 0843 515 9433.

npower-log. Npower Contact Number – 0843 515 9433

Can Npower help me save money on my energy bills?

Npower know how important saving money is to their customers and have become even more dedicated to helping them do just that. As with many of their rivals, Npower have introduced a number of fixed price tariffs – with some having prices fixed until 2017. Attaching yourself to plans such as these could potentially save you money in the long run as they protect you from future energy price rises. Npower’s 2017 fixed price tariff also comes with a Nest Learning Thermostat, which is a device that learns about your energy usage as you go along and then programs itself to save you money. Npower will do a full gas and electricity comparison for you in order to get the very best for your service. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team at Npower on their helpline number – 0843 515 9433.

What is the best time to contact Npower?

As with all customer service departments, Npower have a team that are available to you at times that reflect our daily busy lives. The customer service team extended their opening hours from the standard 9am-5pm on weekdays, allowing them to be contacted out of hours. The helpful team are ready to take your call from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and from 8am-6pm on Saturdays.

If you are experiencing any issues with your account or your energy supply from Npower, then you should immediately contact the customer services team on – 0843 515 9433.

T-Mobile Contact Number – 0843 515 9455

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T-Mobile Contact Number 0843 515 9455

T -Mobile are undergoing major changes in the way they operate and now more than ever it is imperative that you are up to date on what is going on with your account. For all enquiries, contact the T-Mobile customer services team on 0843 515 9455.

T Mobile Contact Number - 0843 515 9455

Starting life as Mercury One2One, the mobile network, owned as a joint venture by American firms Cable & Wireless and MediaOne Group, evolved into T-Mobile in 2002. This new service offered customers a variety of contracts including ‘flex’ pay as you go plans. In 2009, T-Mobile merged with Orange to form a larger mobile phone operator in the UK, and these two brands have now undergone a rebranding exercise currently operating under the EE banner. Under the EE brand, customers can receive the largest 3G network coverage in the country. T-Mobile along with Orange are committed to improving the mobile data network across the country and are planning more investment over the coming years. These changes are expected to vastly improve the service, making 3G stronger and improving the rapidly growing 4G service.

Contacting T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customers are still catered for as they always have been in the past, despite falling under the EE banner. Currently, EE are running a customer service team that houses not just an EE team, but also ones for the former Orange and T-Mobile customers – enabling them to give accurate and more personal customer service. You can still reach the team by calling the same telephone number that you have always used – the one listed on this page. Upon contacting T Mobile’s customer service team, you will be able to not only discuss matters in relation to your bill, but also more details about your account. These issues including upgrades, mobile data services and technical enquires. Customers can find out what is happening with the future of their accounts during the transition to EE.

My T-Mobile deal that I entered into before the merger to EE is about to expire, what are my next steps in regards to renewals?

With the merger into EE, previous customers of Orange and T-Mobile are understandably confused as to what happens when their current deal ends. EE are fully supporting all customers who are in this position and can offer advice on your next move. If you are looking to stay with EE, then by contacting the customer service team they can assist you in refreshing your deal. If you choose to leave, they can assist with closing your old account down. Many customers have also reported a fear that their old T-Mobile branded devices will not be supported during the merger with EE. Categorically this is not the case. All devices branded with T-Mobile are still supported by EE and by the team on this customer service line. Despite the brand name disappearing, the service will not change. In order to allay your fears or have your questions answered in this situation, do not hesitate to contact the customer care team directly by calling the following number – 0843 515 9455.

I’m worried about using my data abroad and running up a large bill.

T-Mobile had a failsafe in place for their customers for this situation. If you are worried about running up a large bill by incurring data roaming charges, then the customer service team will be able to advise you on how to avoid this. In the past, T-Mobile have not allowed you to use their data abroad unless you have purchased a ‘booster’ or bolt-on for this specific use. The transition of this service should still be in place under your new EE deal, but it is advisable to contact the customer service team for more information on whether you can still use this method.

For all account enquiries or for more information on what is happening to your T-Mobile account as the EE brand takes over, then call the customer service team on 0843 515 9455 now.

“All of the above information and a full list of all contact numbers and postal addresses can be found freely within the Public Domain.”

Sky Contact Number – 0843 515 8193

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Sky Customer Service Number 0843 515 8193

If you’re suffering any loss of service or having difficulty using your Sky television, landline or broadband services – it is advisable that you contact Sky’s customer service team now on 0843 515 8193.

Sky Contact Number - 0843 515 8193

As the leading satellite broadcaster in the UK, Sky currently supply over 10 million homes with a range of premium subscription entertainment, sports and movie channels. Since their launch in 1990, Sky have become more than just a television provider. Along with their subscription TV services, Sky also offer a number of other products including broadband and fixed telephone line rental to customers all over the UK. Sky continue to perform highly in an increasingly competitive market place alongside the likes of Virgin Media and BT. -Sky remain at the head of the pack, leading the way in premium rate television – thanks to their exclusive Sky Sports and entertainment brands such as Sky One.

I have a problem using my Sky service – who can I contact for help?

Despite Sky having gained such a large reputation across the country, their high customer base means that not everybody is going to receive a flawless service. There are bound to be some unexpected problems that develop on any one of your Sky products and it is possible that a minority of customers may become dismayed by the level of service that they receive from Sky.

Whereas alternative methods are in place for you to contact Sky to register any problem you may have, the most direct way to report a fault or issue with your Sky service is by telephone. The majority of customers who have experienced difficulty with any of their Sky services have expressed that they have received the most helpful customer service by contacting Sky on the telephone. A phone call is the best way to deal with an enquiry and have your problem resolved quickly.

What problems can I contact Sky customer service for?

Upon contacting Sky at their customer service centre, your enquiry will be directed dependant on the particular issue you are calling to report. For any issues with your hardware, such as your Sky+HD box, Sky Hub or your Sky Talk landline, then it is probable that Sky’s technical support team can handle your query. There are occasions when the team can’t resolve your problem over the telephone, and in this instance Sky will arrange an engineer to contact you and visit at a time convenient to both parties.

Notwithstanding the volume of calls that the Sky customer service centre receive in regards to technical enquiries, there are a large volume of calls logged with the centre in relation to complaints. Many customers contact Sky in order to raise concerns about a variety of issues – one of the main ones being the quality of service that they are receiving. Common complaints from customers include the loss of signal, recording issues with their Sky+HD box – and for those with Sky broadband, lethargic speeds prove the most problematic.

Sky encourage customers to attempt to diagnose and repair their faults online. However, we advise that in order to ensure that the product you pay for is performing at the optimum level, contact Sky’s customer service team on 0843 515 8193.

Can I contact Sky’s customer service team to arrange a home move?

One of the most stressful times in anyone’s life is having to move home. Along with the multitude of things you have to remember, there will always be something that slips your mind. In most cases, this is forgetting to arrange the switching of your essential home services in a timely manner.

Transporting the majority of your possessions to a new home is simple enough, but it is impossible for you to take down your satellite dish yourself and transport it to your new home. In this process, it is imperative for your peace of mind that everything gets done smoothly. Sky have a dedicated home move team who can help arrange this home move for you – arranging for an engineer to set up your new dish and wiring along with the delivery of your new equipment. For the majority of existing Sky customers, this service is free. However there are some exceptions to this – depending on the circumstances with your current Sky contract, there is potential for you to incur a charge.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with the level of service that you are receiving from Sky or having technical difficulty with any of your products, contact Sky immediately on 0843 515 8193.

3 Mobile Contact Number – 0843 504 0221

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Click To Call 0843 504 0221

3 (Three) Customer Services

Three is a communications company. Founded in 2003, they now carry over 40% of all the UK’s data traffic.
Can I Actually Speak To Someone?If you need to speak to someone at 3 Customer Services, here are your options.
Phone Accounts3mobile store for customer services. 3 Mobile Contact Number - 0843 373 3333If you already have a Three mobile, then the number you need to call their contact number 333 (call is free).
If you’re calling from another phone, then the number you need to call is 0843 504 0221 (5.1p per minute from a BT landline, other charges may vary).
If you’re calling from abroad, then the number you need to call is +44 7782 333 333 (standard roaming costs apply).
Mobile Broadband AccountsIf you already have a Three mobile, then the number you need to call is 500 (call is free).
If you’re calling from another phone, then the number you need to call is 0843 373 0500 (calls charged at 5.1p per minute from a BT landline, other charges may vary).
If you’re calling from abroad, then the number you need to call is +44 7782 333 500 (standard roaming costs apply).

The 3 Customer Services number for general support is 0844 338 0330 (calls charged at 5.1p per minute from a BT landline, other charges may vary).

3 Customer Service opening hours are Monday – Friday 8 AM – 9 PM, and Saturday and Sunday 9 AM – 8 PM. The only exception to these opening hours is for the Lost and Stolen Department, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you don’t have an account with Three and want to speak to someone from their sales team, you can call them on 0800 358 9341 (call charges from mobiles may apply). Their opening hours are 8 AM – 10 PM 7 days a week.

Are there Other Means Of Making Contact?

If you don’t have access to a phone, or can’t get through on the 3 Customer Services number, then there are online options.

3 Customer Services Twitter team are online 9 AM – 6:30 PM at or @ThreeUKSupport

3 Customer Services have a comprehensive list of tutorials to solve common issues at

3 Customer Service email support is at, but responses can take up to five working days.

3 Mobile contact number for customer services

Vodafone Contact Number – 0843 504 0233

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0233

Different lines for Vodafone Customer Services

How to get in touch if you are a personal customer

If you are a Vodafone customer and you wish to get in touch, there are several options. New customers that wish to join Vodafone can call them on free phone contact number 0843 504 0233. Customers who pay a monthly contract can call 191 and speak to an advisor for free.

Those who are on Pay As You Go can also call the number but will get charged 25p if they speak to an advisor. Vodafone customer services also offer a number for those that are abroad on +44 7836 191 191.

These phone lines are for customers who seek general information and are open from 8am until 9pm every day of the week. The Vodafone customer service team also deal with lost and stolen enquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to get in touch if you are a business customer

Vodafone offer a range of numbers to call which vary depending on the amount of lines needed in the company. Customers who pay a monthly contract can call 191 and enquire about any number of connections.

From another phone, customers can enquire about 1 to 49 connections by calling 08700 700 191. The number for 49 or more connections from another phone is 08700 746 464. Customers who wish to join Vodafone and require less than five connections can call 08080 600 802. For 5 to 49 connections, the number is 08080 044 498 and for 49 or more the number is 08450 840 157.

How to get in touch if you have a complaint

The Vodafone customer service team are always on standby to help in any situation that relates to the products or services provided. You can call from any phone on 0870 070 0191. You can also call 0870 077 6655. This number is free on a Pay Monthly phone or 25p a minute on a Pay As You Go contract. Vodafone aim to resolve problems on the spot. However, if this isn’t possible, the problem will then be referred to a team manager.

Vodafone Customer Services Contact Number - 0843 515 9426If the team manager cannot resolve the problem, it will be transferred to a dedicated customer relations team who will work on the problem. Their goal is to resolve any problems within a week. However, if this takes longer, Vodafone customer services will update the customer with a weekly progress report. Please advise us if the Vodafone Contact Number doesn’t work

Virgin Media Contact Number – 0843 504 0228

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0228

Virgin-media-customer-service-centre. Virgin Media Contact Number - 0872 437 9016

Experiencing difficulty with your Virgin Media services? If you are having trouble accessing your broadband or television or using your landline, then resolve the issue immediately by phoning Virgin Media on this number 0843 504 0228.

Virgin Media are one of the UK’s biggest providers of in-home entertainment. Rivalling Sky in the marketplace, Virgin Media primarily supply premium subscription television packages including the latest sports and movies. Alongside these services Virgin Media supply superfast broadband and fixed line telephone services to areas across the country with access to cable. Taking on the brand made famous by Richard Branson, Virgin have become the leader in all-in-one entertainment for the home, boosting their sales with popular commercials starring Olympian Usain Bolt.

Virgin Media allow their customers to arrange a much more tailored product to that of their rivals Sky and TalkTalk. With their ability to add telephone services to the package,

If you find a problem with your Virgin Media Internet connection and it seems to be running slower than normal, then you can call the Virgin Media team on this phone number – 0872 437 9016. Once you call, a member of the customer service team will be happy to help diagnose the problem and get you back online quickly.

If you have a problem with Virgin Media’s television service, then do not hesitate to pick up the phone. The experienced team will assist you with any problems with your TV subscription. Call Virgin Media’s customer support team on this number 0843 504 0228.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some websites I’m trying to view are being blocked…

Recently the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) have blocked access to certain websites that have been deemed to be breaking copyright laws. If you feel that you’ve visited a website that isn’t breaking these laws and is appearing as blocked by Virgin Media, call the customer service team. A member of the team will be able to assist you with tips for safe web browsing. Simply call them on the phone number 0843 504 0228.

My broadband speed has slowed down, how can I return it to normal?

Slow broadband is always a problem and Virgin Media pride themselves on providing super-fast broadband with their cable service. If you feel that your broadband speeds have slowed down unexpectedly or that you’re having trouble connecting with your Wi-Fi, then do not hesitate to call the Virgin Media customer care team. Reach them via the phone number 0843 504 0228, and they will walk you through restoring your broadband speeds.

I’m moving home, can I take my services with me?

The answer to this question should be yes, but it depends on a number of factors. Before you begin the process of moving your Virgin Media services to your new home, you need to be aware whether you can actually receive the service at your new address. Despite having widespread coverage of the UK, some of Virgin Media’s services are not available in parts of the UK and these are the parts without cable. If you call the Virgin Media support team on this phone number, 0843 504 0228.

If you have any customer service enquiries about your Virgin Media account from TV reception to a problem with your bill, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service team on 0843 504 0228 now.

Other Virgin Media Departments Phone Numbers

Company 0870 / 0871 0844 / 0845 01 / 02 / 03 Freephone Other Information
Virgin Media  0845 454 1111  0333 000 3101  Customer services & faults
150 free from Virgin Media phones
Also: 01264 401402, 01752 200669
Virgin Media  0845 454 2222  0333 000 3101  Broadband enquiries
150 free from Virgin Media phones
Virgin Media  0845 454 2222  0333 000 3101  0800 0520137  Broadband technical support
Also for: 0845 454 1111
Virgin Media  0845 454 1111  0800 5610061  Internet service status & announcements
Also: 0800 052 4315
Virgin Media  0845 840 7777  0333 000 3101  0800 9535353  Sales, services & service changes
Also: 0800 052 1111, 0800 183 1234Also for: 0845 602 4420
Virgin Media  0906 212 1111  0800 0521435  Technical support
Virgin Media  0845 142 4444  0151 477 4600  0800 0522620  Finance team
Also: 0800 052 2633, 0800 013 1333