Tax Credits Contact Number – 0843 515 9428

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Tax Credits are perhaps one of the most one of the most perplexing benefits available – consisting of two distinct types, Working Tax Credits, and Child Tax Credits. Both can be applied for together, although it is more than likely that you will only be accepted for one of them. The process for applying for Tax Credits can be difficult to understand and causes confusion amongst members of the public. For accurate information in regards to an application for Tax Credits, call the Tax Credits contact number on – 0843 515 9428.


Tax Credits entered the system as a part of benefits reform by the UK government. Aimed at assisting those on low incomes, (Working Tax Credits) and single parents, (Child Tax Credits), these benefits are worked out by looking at your income and individual circumstances. The criteria for application can vary to extreme degrees with both and here we have broken down the two types of Tax Credit you can apply for.Tax Credits Contact Number - 0843 515 9428

Working Tax Credit

Working Tax Credits is a payment that can be made to an individual who is on a low income and working over 30 hours per week. These credits are for those people who work for an extended period, yet are still on a lower income. There is a possibility that a further rebate can be arranged if you have children, but you can still apply if you are childless.

In order to apply for Working Tax Credits you will first of all have to collect a number of pieces of information and have it to hand when applying. You will need proof of your earnings, employment status and also some personal identification. All these factors can come into play when applying for the benefit. After you have gathered relevant information and maybe checked the online government benefits checker to see if you qualify, why not call the Tax Credits Contact Number on 0843 515 9428 and begin your claim? You will have to make this call to get the required forms. The customer service team will assist with your application at all times. Couples must make a different type of application and may not be eligible for some of the top-up payments or ‘elements’ that are available.

Child Tax Credits

Child Tax Credits can be applied for by any person with at least one child. Recent reforms to the benefit, however, have made these more available to single parents or those who are on a lower income. You do not have to be in work to apply for Child Tax Credits; you can be unemployed, and it will not affect your claim. Child Tax Credits can start at approximately £545 a year and can rise to £2750. As the single person responsible for the upbringing of your child, you should be the one who applies. If multiple applications from the same child’s parents it will result in either your application being rejected or delayed.

Child Tax Credits is also a means-tested benefit and is worked out on your income and personal circumstances. In order to discuss your eligibility for Child Tax Credits, call the Tax Credits Contact Number on – 0843 515 9428.

Child Support Agency Contact Number – 0843 515 9404

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The Child Support Agency (commonly referred to as the CSA) is the central body tasked with the arrangement of payments. Such amounts are to be made between separated parents in regards to the upbringing of their children. For any queries relating to a new claim or an existing one that you may wish to dispute, you can call the Child Support Agency contact number on 0843 515 9404.

The Child Maintenance agency also facilitates the Child Maintenance Service. This agency is also one of the many services provided by the DWP, (Department of Work and Pensions) and many claim they are possibly one of the most important. As a responsible body, they are wholly responsible for the collection and distribution of agreed monies, which can always be a controversial topic between the recently separated.

There has been some confusion over the naming of the service recently as from November 2013 the CSA ceased to exist and was replaced by the Child Maintenance Service. No new applications are handled under the CSA name. However, for existing claims you can still use this number to contact them – phone our CSA contact number now.


How does Child Maintenance work?


Child Maintenance is an agreed monthly or weekly payment that is made from one parent to another depending on who is looking after their child on a permanent basis. This payment is to help contribute towards living costs, clothing and more. Payments are usually made in the event of parents separating and is subject to guidelines from the Department of Work and Pensions. There are strict criteria that you have to meet to qualify for the payment structure. The child must be under 16 or 20 and still in full-time education such as at college or university. It is essential that the parent who is looking after this child takes full responsibility for their upbringing in this situation. As has already been stated, Child Maintenance is a difficult subject. If you have questions, it is best to call the customer service team using the Child Maintenance contact number on this page.

How can I appeal a case?

Arranging Child Maintenance can be a harrowing experience. While going through a separation, emotions and other situations can get in the way of arranging something beneficial for all parties, and this is where the Child Maintenance team can step in. However, if you do feel that you are being treated unfairly regarding your child maintenance payments, then you can, of course, make an appeal. If you would like to do so, then it is advised that you call the child maintenance contact number listed in this article – 0843 515 9404.

What happens if I have missed a payment?

It is understandable that you may be experiencing financial difficulties at certain times in your life and in a situation where you are paying Child Maintenance it can be difficult to make payments sometimes. However with this being a legal requirement it is essential that you keep up with payments in order for you not to suffer the consequences. Missing payments could potential affect you in many ways with the most extreme situations ending in having a visit from the bailiffs. If however you cannot legitimately make your payment that month for a reason such as changing paydays or if you have had added expenses such as moving home, then further arrangements can requested. In order to discuss this, call the customer service team using the Child Maintenance contact number on this page.

For all enquiries in regards to Child Maintenance, then it is essential that you call the Child Maintenance Customer Service team on their contact number – 0843 515 9404.

Housing Benefit Number – 0843 506 9228

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Need help finding the Housing Benefit Number? Thankfully we have put this page together to help you get in contact with the Housing Benefit team via our phone number – 0843 506 9228

Seen as an essential part of the governmental benefits reform over the years, Housing Benefit is soon to be part of the new Universal Credit system. In order to find out more, call the claimant care team on – 0843 506 9228.

This benefit costs the government around £24 billion a year; this is estimated to account for 30% of the welfare budget in the UK. Housing Benefit has been contested heavily over the years and is one of the many welfare payments that comes under most scrutiny. Recently huge changes have been made to Housing Benefit and the introduction of the under occupancy charge, (also known as the ‘bedroom tax’) has been the most controversial. Claimants deemed to be living in properties that are too large have had their Housing Benefit cut in order encourage these claimants into smaller, more appropriate properties. Despite the changes and the controversy, housing benefit remains as important as ever, and those claiming rely on it.

Housing Benefit forms

How do I find out if I’m eligible for Housing Benefit?

If you are earning under £16,000 per year, (either through working or other benefits) and you are responsible for rent payment, then there is a possibility of you making a claim. Dependent on how much money you are earning or having been awarded from any other benefits – the amount of Housing Benefit that you can claim may be affected. The more that you are earning or claiming, the less housing benefit you will receive. To ensure that you are making the right declarations in your application, it is advisable that you contact the customer care team within the housing benefits department. Advisers will be able to talk you through your application. Call them on the housing benefit phone number – 0843 506 9228.

Will my new application be added to Universal Credit immediately?

Housing Benefit Number – 0843 506 9228

If you currently reside in one of the Universal Credit test areas, then it is entirely possible that your new claim for Housing Benefit will be given consideration alongside your Universal Credit payment. If, however, your area has not begun to roll out Universal Credit then your Housing Benefit application will still be processed and paid as normal. Upon applying for the first time, (which can be done by calling the number on this page) you will be informed as to how your application is progressing. The majority of Housing Benefit applications are referred immediately back to your local council who handle all the payments. Again, you can contact the customer service team within the Housing Benefit department on – 0843 506 9228.

When can I call the Housing Benefit team on the phone?

You can call the main Housing Benefits team on the phone during weekday working hours. Some of the phone lines will divert to the department within your local council. In this instance, it is expected that the lines will be open from approximately 8am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday and closed at weekends along with public and bank holidays. Call the housing benefit team on – 0843 506 9228

Universal Credit Phone Number – 0843 504 0229

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0229.

Replacing a number of other benefits before the government-set deadline of 2018, Universal Credit has been both praised and condemned by many. The controversial system is confusing and difficult to understand and due to this it is essential that you contact them in order to ensure that your benefit remains unaffected. Call the customer service team dealing with Universal Credit on – 0843 504 0229.

Universal Credit was an attempt by the government to simplify the process of benefits payments. The Universal Credit system is currently being trialled in a number of areas across the UK. The main aim of Universal Credit is to reduce the amount of separate claims made by individuals, bringing multiple payments under one umbrella to allocate at the same time. Universal Credit is intended to save the government money in processing multiple claims, however so far, Iain Duncan Smith has revealed that over £40 million has been written off on the project.

Universal Credit Phone Number – 0843 515 8142

Claiming Universal Credit. Instead of applying for all six different benefits, you can now begin a claim for Universal Credit, which will take into account all the relevant information for each of the individual benefits. Along with a large number of other government based applications, the forms that you need are available online. However, they can be confusing and difficult to fill in online and support is often a requirement. If you are struggling with this, contact the customer service team on – 0843 515 8142. Upon beginning your claim, you will sign a new ‘claimant commitment’. This agreement is similar to the Jobseekers commitment that you sign upon claiming Jobseekers Allowance for the first time, yet covers all the benefits under Universal Credit. You must undertake a number of different tasks in order to claim the benefits. Certain tasks include attending regular appointments at the job centre proving your search for full-time employment is ongoing.

How will I receive my benefits under Universal Credit?

As with your previous benefits payments, these will be made to your bank account, yet instead of some of the payments being bi-weekly, new payments will be made monthly. In the case of some payment, such as Housing Benefit, this can be directly paid to a private landlord and taken from the payment that you will receive. Contact the customer service team in order to discuss Universal Credit, you can phone them on – 0843 504 0229.

Disabled Students Allowance Number – 0843 504 0594

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Disabled Students Allowance Number – 0843 504 0594.

Enabling equal opportunities for those with long-term disabilities who still wish to enter long-term education, the Disability Students Allowance provision was set up in order to give assistance in gaining degrees or other qualifications. To find out more, call the Disabled Students Allowance team on – 0843 504 0594.

Disabled Students Allowance (also referred to as DSA) is for those who wish to enter any form of long-term education that is to be that either part time or full time. The suggestion has it that those on full-time courses will be a priority above other applicants. Disabled Student Allowances may coincide with other student financings, such as loans or grants. These payments do not have to be repaid. Other forms of student financing may be means tested. However, the DSA is not and is tailored towards your individual course needs, ensuring that you get the correct benefit for the course that you are going to study.

Disabled Students Allowance Number – 0843 504 0594

How is Disabled Students Allowance awarded?


Unlike standard student financing, Disabled Students Allowance is awarded according to your individual needs. The first step you need to take to apply is to confirm your eligibility; you can do this by making a call to the customer service team using the number on this page. Upon confirmation of eligibility, your claim will go to Student Finance England, who will be able to arrange an appointment with an assessment centre. From here you will be able to have your exact course needs assessed and begin your journey back into education. Here you will discuss the type of equipment you may need, course fees and other accessibility options. Any monies awarded to you will be then paid either directly to you or your financial education. For further details or to book an appointment it is advisable to call the disabled students allowance telephone number on – 0843 504 0594.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Disabled Student’s Allowance?


You will be able to make an application for the Disabled Students Allowance if you are suffering from a disability or long-term health condition, mental health or specific types of learning difficulty such as dyspraxia. You must also be eligible to receive other types of student finance before applying for this award. However, you will not be able to apply if you are from the EU or getting funding from another source. In order to complete your application, you will need various types of proof of your disability in order to process your claim. An essential item is a letter or report from your doctor who can outline your disability. Preparing your application can be difficult and stressful. In order to ensure that you will be getting the application correct in the first instance, it is best to call the support team on 0843 504 0594.


Severe Disablement Allowance Contact Number – 0843 504 0230

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0230.

The government has made continued changes to the benefit system. Severe Disablement Allowance now known as Incapacity Benefit, also known as ESA, (Employment and Support Allowance). In order to discuss this confusion, it is essential to contact the customer care team by calling 0843 504 0230.

Originally phased out under former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s benefits reform in 2001, Severe Disablement Allowance has stopped taking new claims, moving people to the newer ESA claim process. Jobcentre Plus are in charge of changes in Severe Disablement Allowance and will by your main port of call for all re-assessments and future claims.

Severe Disablement Allowance Contact Number – 0843 515 9429

How is my claim re-assessed?

Your claim will need to be re-assessed unless you are to reach State Pension age on the 6th April of 2014. The assessment will be a thorough investigation of your ability to work and complete other everyday tasks. A quick questionnaire is available online. Of course, this is not always accessible to everyone and due to this, the questionnaire can be done over the phone. The next step will involve a face-to-face meeting at the job centre. Both the questionnaire and the meeting can be requested by calling the Severe Disablement Allowance contact number – 0843 504 0230.

Do I have to worry about changes to my claim?

There have been no en-masse changes made to your existing claim and all amounts that you are due to be paid will be remaining the same, (unless there are changes to your circumstances). To discuss confusion about changes in your condition or eligibility, it is best to contact directly the customer care team. Advisors will be able to explain further. Contact them on – 0843 504 0230.

What times can I contact the customer care team?

Customer service departments are available on the telephone during the week from 8.30am – 5pm, Monday-Friday. The line is closed on weekends and a public holidays.

Incapacity Benefit Contact Number – 0843 515 8339

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Incapacity Benefit Contact Number – 0843 515 8339

Having now been replaced by a new benefit entitled ESA, (Employment and Support Allowance), Incapacity Benefit itself no long exists. As a claimant who may have been affected by the transition, it is essential to get the correct information in order to ensure your claim is not affected. Contact the Incapacity Benefit team on 0843 515 8339.

As the government continue to alter the benefits system in the UK, Incapacity Benefit has been one of the many pinpointed for change. In 2008, the new newly branded ESA was introduced, and new claimants got instantly added to this benefit. It wasn’t until 2011, however, that the migration of current claimants began. This process concluded in March 2014. Again, this is a means tested benefit and can be either contribution or income based. Dependent on conditions and the undertaking of a work-related assessment, you can be rewarded the benefit that the government sees fit.

Due to all the changes, I am unsure of my eligibility for this benefit.

As many of the governments benefit systems are undergoing changes, it is understandable that confusion may arise. Individuals are eligible for the former incapacity benefit, ESA if they are over 16 years of age, have limited capability for work and are not receiving other benefits such as jobseeker’s allowance or income support. The parameters are very much a broad guideline and much does depend on the work-related assessment that gives the DWP a much clearer view of what you are entitled to. Changes in benefit can cause concern, and if you have any confusion over what you may be entitled to, it is advised that you call the customer service department to ease your mind. You can contact them on 0843 515 8339.

Are there changes to the assessment process with the Work Capability Assessment?

Although the benefit itself has evolved over the years into a newly branded benefit, there have not been too many changes to the way in which the benefit gets assessed. There is, however, a larger focus on a more in-depth analysis of the work capability assessment. The government have planned more regular reviews as they continue to attempt to eliminate fraudulent claims for ESA. There is a multi-stage assessment process now as new and existing claimants get scrutinised heavily. These changes are not something to worry about though and in order to ensure that your claim is not affected, contact the customer service team on 0843 515 8339.

Incapacity Benefit Contact Number – 0843 515 8339

Can I still work and claim Incapacity Benefit/ESA?

Although you may not think you can claim this benefit while still in work, that is a myth, and you can indeed still claim. There are, however, many restrictions to this, and you must again complete and assessment as regards to permitted work. This assessment includes volunteer work and can also depend on the amount of money that you are earning. Again with this being a confusing part of ESA, it is best to enquire over the telephone by calling 0843 515 8339.

Mobility Allowance phone number – 0843 515 8141

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Mobility Allowance Contact Number – 0843 515 8141

As the move towards bringing the disability living benefits under one umbrella – rebranding as PIP (Personal Independent Payment) – continues, mobility allowance is being made eventually obsolete. In order to fully understand changes to the system and how it may affect you with any benefit you may receive, it is best to contact the Mobility Allowance department on – 0843 515 8141.

Disability living allowance has been split into two separate components and they include both a care allowance and a mobility allowance. The mobility section provides assistance for yourself or the person that you are caring for in order to assist their day to day mobility. This could be something as simple as assistance getting to the shops or longer distance travel for things such as regular hospital trips. Currently comprised of two separate rates, something which will be carried through upon the change to PIP. The lower rate is currently, (as of writing) set at £21.65 per week and the higher rate at £56.75.

Does Mobility Allowance directly translate to Motobility?

Mobility Allowance phone number - 0843 515 8141

Motobility is the national charity set up in order to provide motor vehicles for disabled drivers or carers. A large number of dealerships across the UK are accredited Motobility dealers and often have a specialist sales person with knowledge of the Motobility process. Whereas you can currently use your mobility allowance in order to contribute towards or fully pay for the hire of a vehicle with Motobility, there are many intricate details as towards how this will work. In order to get the best advice and to see if you will be using your entire benefit to pay for your Motobility vehicle, it is best advised that you contact the customer service team by calling the mobility allowance phone number on – 0843 515 8141.

Will the changes to the Personal Independence Payment affect me now?

As the government continue to reshape their benefits system, disability living allowance is one of the many benefits that is undergoing a facelift. Eventually rebranded by 2016 as the PIP, mobility allowance will be included in this. Currently there are no changes to the amount of money that you will be able to claim, there are changes in the way that new applications are made. Currently any new applications for disability living allowance or mobility allowance are being referred to as claims for PIP. Eligibility has not changed too much, but more regular checks are being added to ensure that fraud is wiped out. In order to ensure that you are eligible for this benefit or to make sure that your payments continue without any issues then it is best to contact the customer care team by calling – 0843 515 8141.

At what times can I contact the mobility allowance team?

As with the majority of government helplines, they operate opening hours of 8.30am to 5pm every Monday to Friday, closing on weekends, public and bank holidays. Despite there being a wealth of information online at the government website, sometimes it is not always clear and clarification is essential. Contact the mobility allowance team on – 0843 515 8141.

Carer’s Allowance Number – 0843 515 8631

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Carer’s Allowance Contact Number – 0843 515 8631

Introduced in the early 1970’s as the Invalid Care Allowance, the benefit exists to assist those who care for a disabled person or relative, who could not look after themselves on a full time basis (generally classed as over 35 hours a week of care). For more information, you should contact the customer care team on – 0843 515 8631.

Handled and distributed by the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions), Carer’s Allowance is a fully taxable benefit, which is also means tested. Falling under the recent benefit cap, carer’s allowance has been restricted to £59.75 per week. In order to qualify for this benefit you must have been resident in the UK for two out of the past three years and be looking after someone who is registered disabled between the ages of 16 and 65. Getting this benefit may affect the total amount of other benefits that you may receive. Always under the spotlight, carer’s allowance is not exempt from the government’s attempts at increasing austerity measures and is constantly under threat of change.

How can I find out if I qualify for carer’s allowance?

Carer's Allowance Number - 0843 515 8631

If you are in anyway confused about your eligibility for carer’s allowance, then it is imperative that you get the most accurate advice before making your application. With this benefit being one of the many benefits that is means tested, then the application process can be long, drawn out and complicated. Much like many of the DWP services, the government have made all forms available online and encourage you to fill in your application there. Despite the thorough guide that is available, it is always best to check that you have filled in your form correctly by contacting the customer service team by telephoning them on the best phone number – 0843 515 8631.

How will my carer’s allowance be paid?

As with the majority of benefits issued by the Department of Work and Pensions, any payments that you are due to receive will be made directly to the bank account that you have nominated. However with changes to the benefits system being gradually rolled out across the country, carer’s allowance will soon be added to the Universal Credit portfolio of benefits along with JSA and housing benefit. The Universal Credit system has not yet been fully introduced across the country yet and is still being trialled, yet if you are concerned about how the changes may affect you, then it is highly advised that you speak to a carer’s allowance representative by calling the customer service team on the best phone number for them – 0843 515 8631.

What times can I call the Carer’s Allowance team?


The customer care team are available for you to speak to regarding any aspect of carer’s allowance between 8.30am and 5pm Monday – Friday. Please ensure that you have all the relevant details to hand in order to process your query swiftly. This may include your National Insurance number. Call the team at the Carer’s Allowance department on this phone number – 0843 515 8631.

Inland Revenue (Now HMRC) Contact Number – 0843 506 8898

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Click to Call: 0843 506 8898

Now merged into the central body the HMRC, the Inland Revenue are still a department of the government who are heavily contacted. For information relating to tax issues, you can call the Inland Revenue using this contact number – 0843 506 8898

Merged into the new body HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), the Inland Revenue are still wholly responsible for the administration and collection of taxes across the UK. As a named institution, the Inland Revenue ceased to exist in 2005, but their work continues aplomb within the HMRC. Taking full responsibility for managing income tax, child tax credit, working tax credit and more for citizens of the British Isles, the Inland Revenue’s influence still exists. A lack of public branding in the news failed to keep the change of name top of mind and customers still refer to the HMRC as the Inland Revenue.


Contacting the Inland Revenue

Whereas the Inland Revenue no longer exist, many people still believe that they are the people to call in reference to taxation issues. The Inland Revenue telephone number for 2014 has now been redirected to the HMRC central telephone number who will be able to assist you with enquiries. You may wish to call the Inland Revenue if you have a tax related question. The team can help you with more than just income tax, they can also assist you with issues related to tax benefits such as child tax credits and also working tax credits. As many are aware, the forms and application procedures for applying for tax credits can be confusing. The customer care team can also assist you in filling these forms in. For all enquiries, do not hesitate to call the Inland Revenue on their contact number – 0843 506 8898

At what times is the Inland Revenue customer service telephone number open?

With a customer service department based wholly in the UK, the Inland Revenue will be able to answer your questions within standard working hours during the week. Understanding that customers have varied lives and varied working hours, the Inland Revenue contact centre operates extended hours during the week. Monday-Friday, the customer service team can be contacted between 8am and 8pm and on Saturdays from 8am-4pm. The line is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Are my details kept private by the Inland Revenue during phone calls?

Inland Revenue (Now HMRC) Contact Number – 0843 515 9412Upon calling any of the government helplines, the customer service team are duty bound to handle all your details with the strictest of confidence. The data protection act protects you here and despite the Inland Revenue itself no longer existing, your details will not be sent to any other department or third party without your permission.

For all tax related enquiries, contact the customer service team at Inland Revenue by calling – 0843 506 8898.