Parcelforce Contact Number – 0843 504 0576

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Parcelforce Contact Number – 0843 504 0576.

Sending and receiving parcels has become much a part of our daily lives as we send gifts and other items regularly through the post. For the majority of inland parcels, customers head to the post office in order to make their delivery and in turn use Parcelforce. If you need to speak to this subsidiary of the Royal Mail, then you can contact them on – 0843 504 0576.

As part of the Royal Mail, Parcelforce is possibly the most recognisable parcel delivery service in the UK. Having undergone a raft of identity changes over the years, previously being named Parcel Post and Royal Mail Parcels, the company have faced a significant amount of competition. This competition is down to the deregulation of the postal marketplace, yet the company remain extremely popular with the public.

Offering a much different service to companies such as DHL or UPS, Parcelforce offer three core services. These services are next day, 48 hour and more specifically guaranteed time delivery prices. Using the Royal Mail as its distribution service, they have access to depots all across the country and are widely regarded as a popular service. Parcelforce recently created another 150 jobs in Lancashire as they continue to grow.

Parcelforce Contact Number – 0843 504 0576

What services can I access by calling the Parcelforce contact number?

By contacting Parcelforce using the number listed on this page, you will be able to get the best advice on sending your parcel using the correct method of postage for you. Parcelforce staff will be able to give you the best instruction on how to select your postage method and also how to pack your item. With the majority of Parcelforce’s packages being sent via a branch of the Post Office, it is possible that the Parcelforce customer service team will assist you in finding your local branch too.

The customer service team at Parcelforce can also assist you with any complaints you may have. It is obviously not ideal when your parcel arrives damaged or late. If this has been the case and you are either the recipient or the sender of said parcel, the first step you should take is to contact the customer service team directly. This way you can rectify the issue and lodge a complaint by dialling the number listed on this page.

Can I arrange worldwide delivery with Parcelforce?

Despite being primarily UK based, Parcelforce do send parcels worldwide using their extensive network through the Royal Mail. Along with some of their competitors in this market, Parcelforce has an ethical nature to their delivery service, offering customers a chance to donate to the Woodland Trust with each international delivery that they make. For more information on this and the affordable options offered to you, contact Parcelforce by using the contact number here.

For all enquiries to the specialist parcel delivery service from the Royal Mail, do not hesitate to contact Parcelforce’s customer service team on 0843 504 0576 

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