PIP – Personal Independence Payment Contact Number – 0843 504 0316

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0316

As the benefit reform continues, changes are being made to Disability Living Allowance and soon the benefit will be renamed PIP – Personal Independence Payment. Already confused has reigned and if you have any questions in relation to this transition, do not hesitate to call the PIP contact number on – 0843 504 0316.

With the long mooted benefits reform on the horizon, the biggest shake up appears to have been reserved for disability living allowance with the rebranding of the benefit to PIP – the Personal Independence Payment. Firmly believing that the name along gives the benefit a much friendlier and less official name, the government wish to transfer all existing claims for DLA over to PIP in the near future. All new applicants for DLA will be processed as PIP. Bar a few cosmetic changes, there is no real difference between the already existing DLA and the new PIP benefit. Payment levels will remain the same and the way in which the benefit is awarded will not change. However problems have occurred with the transition and a large number of applicants have already suffered a huge delay in the processing of their claim.

PIP – Personal Independence Payment Contact Number – 0843 515 8141

I’m currently on DLA, will I be automatically transferred to PIP?

This is the government’s intention and their hope is to transfer all current recipients of DLA over to PIP as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, as with any mass changes to benefits, there have been some issues with the transition. Recently it has been reported that up to 90,000 people have been caught up in a queue with the benefit reform. Due to this, there have been delays in payments to many claimants across the country and this has caused many to become frustrated with the system. In order to find out more about the transition or ask any questions then call the customer service team on the PIP hotline – 0843 504 0316.

How can I make a new claim for PIP?

With DLA being replaced by PIP, new claimants are being processed as PIP claimants. Due to this some of the process has changed and before applying you will need to have the correct information for your application. PIP/DLA is one of the few benefits that isn’t means tested, which means that if you match the strict criteria, you should be accepted. This may not always be the case and of course when applying for anything, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you have any concerns about the application that you’re about to make for PIP then it is advised that you contact the customer service department at the PIP claims line by calling – 0843 504 0316 now.

All the above information is freely available in the public domain.

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