Power NI Contact Number – 0843 504 0595

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Power NI Contact Number – 0843 504 0595

For all issues relating to Power NI, including those about power cuts and more, pick up the phone and call the Power NI Contact Number on 0843 504 0595.

Power NI is the largest regional supplier of electricity and gas in Great Britain, wholly basing its operation in and serving the population of Northern Ireland. Serving an estimated 800,000 across the country, Power NI have overtaken the traditional big six suppliers in their area. Having rebranded many times over the years, Power NI still retain a largely loyal customer base, who have been with the company for a number of years. Their unique selling point above their rivals is that Power NI can offer a specialist plan for farmers including a dedicated farm energy manager for those in the industry.

Power NI Contact Number – 0843 504 0595

Contacting Power NI

Customers have a wide range of reasons for contacting Power NI, and the company have made it simple to contact their customer service team. You may wish to discuss your current account, or switch back to Power NI, as many customers are currently doing. The customer service department are willing to assist you with any problem you may have and in order to contact them, do not hesitate to call 0843 515 0595.

Saving money with Power NI.

Power NI has a number of schemes in place in order to help you save money. Committed to serving customers in the best way possible, Power NI have a range of tariffs that could prove beneficial to you. For instance, their ‘Keypad’ pay as you go energy service claims to save customers 2.5% on the standard tariff and can be advantageous for customers watching what they spend. With this, you can be fully in control of your account as you manage it on the go with an app. Power NI can also discuss with you a number of other options that may help you save money. Find out more (and if you qualify for any schemes) with a call to the customer service team on 0843 515 0595.

Want to discuss your current account or switch your supply to Power NI? The first step you should take is to pick up the phone and call the Power NI Contact Number on 0843 515 0595.


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