RBS Contact Number – 0843 506 8227

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RBS – Royal Bank of Scotland Contact Number – 0843 506 8227

Would you like to talk to the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) about a new account, credit card or loan? Or are you an existing customer with a banking issue to discuss? If so, you can contact the customer service team at RBS directly on 0843 506 8227.

The RBS has a long, rich history in the banking industry. The bank began life in 1727 and was set up as a way of protecting investment for certain Scottish notaries. From there the bank evolved into a much more traditional institution having merged with the National Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1969 to become the largest bank of its kind in Scotland. Expanding into England not long after this merger, the RBS has grown to become one of the largest banks in the country. Having ties to the Natwest, RBS remains one of the most recognisable banks on the high street. Many banks have gone through a number of controversial issues over the years, and RBS have been very much in the mix of this – having been hit hard by the banking collapse of the past few years. RBS have also recently vowed to keep threatened branches open due to a public backlash over closures.

RBS Stockport. RBS Contact Number – 0843 506 8227

Contacting RBS

As with many modern banks, the RBS offer customers a large range of different products. From opening new accounts to credit cards, mortgages and loans, the Royal Bank of Scotland can compete with any of their high street rivals when it comes to offering a huge number of products. Many customers contact the RBS customer service team in order to discuss account issues. These may range from problems with overdrafts, payment issues or money transfer problems. These are easily solved issues, and the first step that you should take is to contact the customer service team directly by calling the number on this page.

The customer service team will also be able to talk you through a number of other savings options that may be advantageous to you. Therefore, we advise that before setting up an appointment in a branch, you speak to a customer service advisor for more advice.

I’m interested in taking out a loan with RBS, can I contact the customer service team to discuss this?

Reports show that a large number of customers have contact RBS in order to discuss a new personal loan. As our lives change, there are times when you may need an extra financial boost. If so, a secured loan could be appropriate for you. Whereas additional borrowing is not always advisable, this could be a more affordable way to borrow than from a credit card. As with any loan, there is a chance that security may be needed. In order to get the best advice about personal loans from the RBS, contact the customer service team using the telephone number on this page.

Can I get my travel money from RBS?

If you are planning a holiday soon, then RBS can help you by not just offering insurance services, but also money exchange. As a customer of the bank, there is a potential that you could get a preferential rate on your exchange. In order to find out more details about this and whether you qualify for a preferential rate, contact RBS and their customer service team on 0843 506 8227.

For all banking enquiries with RBS, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service department on 0843 506 8227

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