Santander Contact Number – 0843 504 0235

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0235

Direct contact with your bank is essential in the modern world. Having full control of your finances gives you total peace of mind. With our ever-changing working hours, having access to staff to talk to you personally about your banking issues is something that you should have at all times. As a customer of Santander, they provide this for you. Contact Santander directly on 0843 504 0235

Owned in its entirety by Spanish banking giant, Santander Group, Santander is the third largest bank on the UK high street. Housing over 1300 branches, the bank is an amalgamation of three separate institutions – Abbey National, Bradford and Bingley and Alliance & Leicester – who were incorporated into the business in 2010. Santander have also expressed an interest in buying some of the former Royal Bank of Scotland branches along with some Scottish Natwest branches. Sadly for the group the deal collapsed on technical difficulties.

Santander Contact Number – 0843 515 9445

Along with serving over 25 million customers, Santander are the second largest mortgage provider in the country giving customers not just day to day current account services, but also long term borrowing services. The bank has piqued interest with a number of customers over recent months with its latest advertising campaign featuring sports stars Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jenson Button and Rory McIlroy.

What can I contact Santander about?

Santander’s customer service team are available to discuss a number of different banking options with you. Traditionally customers contact Santander in order to discuss issues with their current account and associated products. Common causes for customers to call include issues relating to overdrafts and charges. There are times when companies take payments such as direct debits early due to weekends approaching and much more, this can sometimes cause customers to exceed their overdraft limit unexpectedly, especially when waiting for their monthly salary to come into their account. Problems like this can be resolved quickly and it is advised that you contact the team immediately to find out how to resolve this issue.

Customers have also disclosed that they have had the need to contact the Santander customer service team in order to discuss problems with their credit card, mortgage payments and much more. The knowledgeable customer service team at Santander are on hand in order to deal with any number of issues that you may encounter along the way.

Can I speak to someone about the Santander 123 account? I don’t understand the benefits.

The Santander 123 account is the banks latest account offering out not just standard savings, but also extra advantages over a standard current account. Offering preferential interest rates for savings, cashback on household bills and other savings and credit advantages – the 123 account has been hailed as a success by the bank. Customers are being encouraged to switch every day and for those still confused as to the benefits of using such an account, it is best to contact the team directly at Santander who will advise you on whether the account is beneficial for you.

Can I move my mortgage to Santander?

With Santander being the second largest mortgage provider in the UK, this is a common question. Many customers are hearing good things about the long term investment arm of Santander and are looking to switch their mortgage over to the service. Switching is entirely possible, and while it is a complicated procedure, the customer service team can handle it. The first step that you should take is to contact a customer service representative on the phone using the number on this page.

At what times is the customer service department open?

The customer service team at Santander are available for you to talk to between 8am and 7pm Monday – Friday. The telephone banking service is closed at the weekend though. Please ensure in order for swift service that you have all the relevant details to hand.

For any banking enquiry that you may have in relation to your Santander account, please do not delay in contacting the customer service team by calling – 0843 504 0235.

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