SWALEC contact number – 0843 515 8428

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Although it may not be the force that it once was, there are still thousands of people who need to speak to the SWALEC contact number each and every day. While the organisation’s remit was SWALEC contact numberpreviously much larger, a series of mergers and sales have made it little more than a brand name for SSE to market their utilities products in South Wales. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who are signed up to have their gas and electricity through the company – which is why so many phone calls to the SWALEC customer service number – now also known as the SSE contact number.

Of course, the fact that SWALEC don’t have the same amount of power that they once had doesn’t mean they are powerless. What’s more, the number of employees who based in their UK call centres are a testament to the fact that SWALEC still holds huge sway in the UK utilities market. The amount of people who would like to speak to their helpline each day is also a sign of the company’s popularity. While some companies would despair at having such massive amounts of calls to deal with, this is purely a by-product of being a gas and electricity provider the size of SWALEC.

So who are SWALEC?

As previously mentioned, SWALEC is a brand owned by national utilities supplier SSE. It has been active for the best part of 2 decades, marketing gas and electricity to people across the country – most particularly to those who live in the south of Wales. While the company may never be a major player due to such a narrow swathe of the population, they have a strong and devoted customer base. These loyal customers typically subscribe to a number of services and who are dependent upon SWALEC’s customer service team to ensure their homes are supplied.

Who calls the SWALEC contact number?

As gas and electricity quotes have increasingly migrated towards being an online only, so has the number of people that the SWALEC contact number have had to employ to deal with associated enquiries. However, these kind of calls have been replaced with other forms of query – and the SWALEC helpline is more than set up to SWALEC phone numberbe able to deal with this.

Typically, people only pick up the phone if they have an issue that needs resolving quickly. Common issues can be with their billing (such as being overcharged or needing a refund) through to having a fault with their gas or electricity supply (which may need a visit from an engineer). In addition, the SWALEC phone number will also have people who are dialling to log a complaint, or who would like to have a general enquiry answered by a member of their call centre team.

Of course, it is impossible to guess precisely the reasons why any one person dials. However, most utilities providers, for instance, gas and electricity companies have their helplines set up to handle these kinds of queries. The SWALEC contact number appears to be no different in this regard.

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