Swiftcover Contact Number – 0843 515 8196

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Getting the best quote for your insurance is always a difficult task. Having to trawl through a mountain of different quotes from different companies is never ideal. Swiftcover have made it simple for customers to get the best quote for them by having people contact them directly on their customer service number – 0843 515 8196.

Founded in 2005, Swiftcover was the first insurance company to provide its services on the internet only. Starting out by only offering cheap car insurance deals, since then the company has grown to offer deals that can match, if not better its rivals. Now insuring homes and contents along with all forms of domestic motor vehicles, Swiftcover have evolved since their early days. In 2009, Swiftcover spent £29 million on a national advertising campaign with the rock star Iggy Pop. This campaign helped Swiftcover increase their customer base by over 30%.

Swiftcover Contact Number - 0843 515 8196

The professional customer service team at Swiftcover will be able to handle any query you have. They will be able to provide a quote for any of their services and arrange cover over the phone when you call them on 0843 515 8196. The customer service team will be able to deal with your enquiry swiftly and make sure that you have cover for the items you want to protect immediately after ending the call.

Swiftcover was the first insurance company in the UK to allow its customers to print off their own insurance certificates. Despite allowing customers to handle their policies autonomously and almost entirely online, sometimes there is a need for human interaction. This human contact is essential when it comes to sorting out some of the finer points of the policy or perhaps making a claim. If you are a customer of Swiftcover, then calling 0843 515 8196 will direct you swiftly through to a member of the customer service team who will be able to help you with your query.

I’m a new customer, what types of insurance can I get from Swiftcover?

Swiftcover can provide insurance for more than just motor vehicles. Swiftcover offer insurance for many things that you’d expect from any insurer in the UK. You can arrange insurance with Swiftcover for:

  • Car Insurance – If your car is new or old, Swiftcover has a policy for you.
  • Home and Contents Insurance – Protecting the bricks and mortar around you along with your precious contents is an essential service. Swiftcover can provide comprehensive cover.
  • Van insurance – With Swiftcover’s comprehensive van insurance all your business tools get protected along with your vehicle.
  • Private Medical Insurance – Swiftcover can arrange private medical insurance so that you can receive the treatment you need swiftly. They will ensure that you get covered for all major medical emergencies.
  • Motorbike insurance – It’s not just cars that are insured by Swiftcover, they also look after bikers too and can cover your motorcycle with a comprehensive policy.
  • Breakdown Cover – Providing even more cover for your vehicle. Swiftcover can supply you with breakdown cover just in case your car runs into trouble while away from home.

You can call Swiftcover to discuss any aspect of your policy and the team are ready and waiting to help you out. By calling the best Swiftcover phone number on 0843 515 8196, you will get directly through to a dedicated customer service assistant who can help with your enquiry. Give the customer service team a call now to help you arrange cover for your vehicle, home or even yourself swiftly and securely.

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