UKBA Contact Number – 0843 5040 528

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0843 5040 528

Contact Phone Number for UKBA

A subdivision of the Home Office, the UKBA – or United Kingdom Border Agency are the body responsible for the administration and distribution of visas and also for the vetting of those who are set to enter the UK from other countries. Their service is essential and difficult to understand at times. In order to speak to someone about a potentially sensitive subject, call the team on the UKBA Contact Number – 0843 5040 528.

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Having formed in 2007, the UKBA are wholly responsible for issuing working and travelling visa’s in the UK. They have a huge responsibility on immigration control and as such run extremely tight procedures. After a series of reform procedures, the UKBA are also now responsible for the control and removal of immigrants into the UK and have to deal with a number of complex cases on a daily basis. If you or someone that you are connected with are in the need of a working or travelling visa for the UK, then it is essential that you call the number here.

Applying for a UK Visa

A large number of people visit the UK each year and a significant number of those people are not just here for a holiday. A section of travellers arrive in the UK with the intention of a long term stay and with this a specific visa will have to be issued. A large number of people can be exempt from the visa process yet for others you may have to apply. If you are a member of a developing nation then you will have to lodge an application with the UKBA whilst still in your own country. With this you will receive an application number and then you will have to submit your documents from there. If you are coming to work in the UK you will have to apply for a working visa which is a different process. You will need documentation from your prospective employer and also you will need a number of other pieces of paperwork. This can be even more confusing than the standard application and in order to fully understand it, you should call the customer service team immediately on the UKBA Contact Number – 0843 5040 528.

UKBA Contact Number - 0843 5040 528

Appealing a decision by the UKBA

With the UKBA running a very strict set of procedures in relation to allowing people into the country on a long term basis, there will be times where applications are rejected. In this instance there is a procedure for appeal. If you strongly feel that your application should have been accepted then you can contact the customer service team using the number on this page. Whereas the team do not directly handle the complaint on this number, they can direct you to the right people to speak to.

Dealing with asylum through the UKBA.

Asylum is a particularly sensitive subject and needs to be handled in such a manner. Many people from countries in the midst of conflict – and others seek asylum in the UK in the hope that their fortunes may change and they can escape from oppression in their country. Due to an extremely large number of false asylum claims that have managed to slip through the net in the UK, the procedure for this is thorough. If you feel you need to apply for asylum in the UK, contact the UKBA by calling the team on the UKBA Contact Number – 0843 5040 528.

For all enquiries to the UKBA in relation to immigration, visa’s or asylum. Call the customer service team on – 0843 5040 528.

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