United Utilities Contact Number – 0843 504 0319

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0319

Having trouble with your water supply at home or in business? Finding discoloured or dirty water coming to your home or simply having an issue with payment? Whatever your problem, contact the customer service team at United Utilities on 0843 504 0319.

Basing their operations mostly in the North West of England, United Utilities formed from the result of a merger between NORWEB and North West Water in 1995. Responsible for the maintenance of over 184 reservoirs across the area, United Utilities are the primary water supplier for the area. Committed to supplying clean water while maintaining environmentally friendly solutions, United Utilities – from their head office based in Warrington – ensure a constant service in the region.


What can I contact United Utilities about?

The majority of customers who use the services of United Utilities confirm that they have a well maintained and managed water supply – yet there is a minority who find cause for complaint. United Utilities have established a highly professional customer contact centre, which you can call for issues that may be raised. Having the ability to deal with a multitude of issues, the United Utilities team can field any concern you may have. The majority of calls that are made to the centre though revolve around billing. There are a number of different options that are available to customers in regards to paying your water bill – customers typically choose to pay their bills on a monthly direct debit basis – yet this is not always the most efficient way to pay for some people and they may wish to seek an alternative. By contacting United Utilities, the customer service team can arrange an alternative payment plan for you or perhaps talk to you about spreading the cost further with the installation of a water meter.

Alternatively you may wish to contact United Utilities’ customer service team to report an issue with your water supply. It is entirely possible that you may experience discoloured water or have drainage issues in your home and in that case you should inform the customer services department immediately in order to restore service properly.

United Utilities Contact Number - 0843 515 8630

Can I submit a meter reading over the phone?

Whereas most companies would encourage you to submit such details online via their website, United Utilities still like to have a personal touch with their customers and make themselves available to take calls of this nature. Most customers say that they feel better having spoken to someone to relay this information instead of just submitting it via an online form. Handing a water meter reading in over the phone ensures that the meter reading is inputted by the customer service team immediately and that your account is accurate. You can contact United Utilities over the phone to submit this reading and bring your account to order too.

Can I get advice on my water usage by contacting United Utilities?

United Utilities are committed to preserving a steady supply of water across the county – and they are fully committed to assisting you in reducing the amount of waste water from your home or business. By contacting the customer service team, they can give you practical advice of how you can save water and even reduce your bills. United Utilities work diligently with their well-structured recycling scheme too in order to ensure a continuous clean supply. United Utilities can offer a number of options for the home too in order to help you reduce water wastage including that from toilets, baths, washing machines and more. Their ‘Water Tight’ campaign has begun, and the customer service team are on hand to advise you on the latest tips and tricks in order to reduce your bills.

If you have discoloured water, an issue with your bill or you are concerned about how much water you are using, contact United Utilities immediately on 0843 504 0319.


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