Universal Credit Phone Number – 0843 504 0229

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Click to Call: 0843 504 0229.

Replacing a number of other benefits before the government-set deadline of 2018, Universal Credit has been both praised and condemned by many. The controversial system is confusing and difficult to understand and due to this it is essential that you contact them in order to ensure that your benefit remains unaffected. Call the customer service team dealing with Universal Credit on – 0843 504 0229.

Universal Credit was an attempt by the government to simplify the process of benefits payments. The Universal Credit system is currently being trialled in a number of areas across the UK. The main aim of Universal Credit is to reduce the amount of separate claims made by individuals, bringing multiple payments under one umbrella to allocate at the same time. Universal Credit is intended to save the government money in processing multiple claims, however so far, Iain Duncan Smith has revealed that over £40 million has been written off on the project.

Universal Credit Phone Number – 0843 515 8142

Claiming Universal Credit. Instead of applying for all six different benefits, you can now begin a claim for Universal Credit, which will take into account all the relevant information for each of the individual benefits. Along with a large number of other government based applications, the forms that you need are available online. However, they can be confusing and difficult to fill in online and support is often a requirement. If you are struggling with this, contact the customer service team on – 0843 515 8142. Upon beginning your claim, you will sign a new ‘claimant commitment’. This agreement is similar to the Jobseekers commitment that you sign upon claiming Jobseekers Allowance for the first time, yet covers all the benefits under Universal Credit. You must undertake a number of different tasks in order to claim the benefits. Certain tasks include attending regular appointments at the job centre proving your search for full-time employment is ongoing.

How will I receive my benefits under Universal Credit?

As with your previous benefits payments, these will be made to your bank account, yet instead of some of the payments being bi-weekly, new payments will be made monthly. In the case of some payment, such as Housing Benefit, this can be directly paid to a private landlord and taken from the payment that you will receive. Contact the customer service team in order to discuss Universal Credit, you can phone them on – 0843 504 0229.

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