Viagogo contact number – 0843 504 1267

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While ticket resellers have certainly caused some controversy, there is no denying that there is Viagogo contact numberdefinitely a place for them on the open market. As proven by the fact that the Viagogo contact number is one of the most dialled helplines in the UK. Some people have compared their operations to legalised touting – and while those who use the service may say that is a little harsh, there is no denying that there are some parallels between the two. However, the fact remains that Viagogo, along with the likes of Seatwave, provide a legal way for people to buy and sell tickets that they will no longer be able to use. While this is mainly through their website, there are still hundreds of different reasons why people may need to call the Viagogo phone number to have a problem resolved.

Who are Viagogo?

Viagogo has been (for a couple of years) actively allowing members of the general public to sell tickets unwanted tickets. Tickets range from gig tickets, through to sporting events, theatre, comedy and pretty much any other form of ticketed event that you can imagine.

One of the main issues that most people have is that the majority of tickets sold on the site are done so in exchange for a huge price increase. Some say this encourages people to purchase tickets that they do not need in order to extort fans of artists. However, regardless of the ethics, it is undeniable that the Viagogo contact number is one of the most searched for and phoned of any customer service helpline in the UK.

Why do people call the Viagogo contact number then?

While there is a range of different reasons anyone calls, the issues people need to speak to the Viagogo customer service team about are fairly easy to predict. Especially judging from responses to their official social media feeds. As with any helpline, the main thing that prompts a phone call is something going wrong, or an issue that needs resolving.

In the case of the Viagogo contact number, this is generally when there has been a problem that has Viagogo phone numberresulted in either the buyer or seller of a ticket not getting what they wanted out of the deal. Problems could be down to either user error or because of a fault with the website itself. Regardless, the Viagogo call centre staff should be able to look into these matters quickly and hopefully come to a resolution that suits all parties involved.

Naturally, any customer service number also has a huge amount of people who call to ask a general enquiry. As Viagogo has grown, so has the volume of those dialling for this reason. Of course, this is also echoed in the fact that the company now have to deal with more complaints than ever before. Rather than seeing this as a failing of the company, it is just something that happens to any successful business – that a percentage of your consumers will feel aggrieved, regardless of what you do. Regardless of the reason for calling, the Viagogo contact number staff should be able to assist you.

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