Virgin Mobile Contact Number – 0872 437 9016

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Not being able to use your mobile properly can be frustrating, and if you are struggling with the use of your Virgin Mobile then you can contact their customer service team directly on this number 0872 437 9016.

Also known as ‘Mobile from Virgin Media’, Virgin Mobile is the world’s first MVNO, (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Having launched as part of the Virgin Media firm in 1999, Virgin Mobile is just one part of the quadruple play bundle that you can purchase from Virgin Media. The  service gives the ultimate home entertainment and utilities service. allowing customers to contact with family and friends via phone and online.  Originally launched as a joint project between One2One (since T-Mobile and now EE) and Virgin Media, the virtual network involved Virgin buying bandwidth off One2One and reselling it under their name.

Virgin Mobile Contact Number - 0872 437 9016

Over the years, a number of customers of the service became confused as the network was the subject of much change and also different owners. Having connections with Sir Richard Branson, Deutsche Telekom (owners of T-Mobile) and also NTL Telewest, Virgin Mobile is now a private company. However, the company is still marketed under the Virgin brand name and sold in their high street stores where they promote the company’s pay as you go and pay monthly tariffs.

Contacting Virgin Mobile

With Virgin Mobile operating under a number of owners over the years, many customers have become confused as to how to contact the company in regards to solving any problems that they may have with the service. As Virgin Mobile is still operating under the Virgin Media banner, you can still contact the Virgin Media team in order to deal with your enquiry.

By contacting Virgin Mobile, via Virgin Media on their customer support number on 0872 437 9016, you will get directly through to a customer care representative who will be able to deal any number of queries. The majority of customers contact Virgin Mobile with issues regarding coverage and signal problem. With Virgin Mobile being a virtual mobile operator, they piggyback onto Orange and T-Mobile signals across the country, switching between the two dependant on location. Customers have reported that after the merger of Orange and T-Mobile to EE, that they have struggled with the reception in certain areas due to some of the older transmitters being reassigned. The customer service team can advise you on whether it is a signal issue you are having or if you have a problem with your handset that you may need support for.

What can I talk to Virgin Mobile about?

Upon contacting the customer service department at Virgin Mobile, you will be able to discuss not just your mobile, but also other Virgin Media products. One of the most common questions asked to the customer service team when calling is in regards to billing and how it is worked out along with the rest of your package. Most customers who have opted to take out a number of services will get all their Virgin bills together. However, as lives change, there may be times when you need to adapt or split your billing dates and by calling the team here they can assist you with this. Customers also occasionally face a ‘bill shock’ after receiving a bill that they did not expect. If you are not sure about any aspect of your bill, call the team who will talk you through it.

To discuss any aspect of your Virgin Mobile package, you can contact the customer service team on 0872 437 9016. The customer service team operate opening hours of 8am-9pm Monday-Friday and 9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.


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