Vodafone Contact Number – 0843 515 9426

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Click to Call: 0843 515 9426

Are you experiencing difficulty when trying to call a phone number on your Vodafone mobile phone? If you are having problems with the network or your handset, then you can contact the customer service team directly by calling – 0843 515 9426.

Founded in 1982, Vodafone are true pioneers in mobile communications as they are the company who were responsible for making the very first cellular based call in the UK. Evolving into the company and brand we know today, Vodafone’s service currently boast over 19 million subscribers in the UK. This number continues to grow, and according to statistics, they are the second largest mobile phone company in the world allowing customers to contact people in 21 countries.

Vodafone Contact Number – 0843 515 9426

Offering out the industry standard pay as you go and also pay monthly contracts, along with mobile broadband and SIM only deals, Vodafone have managed to remain competitive in a rapidly expanding market. This success has been possible by Vodafone offering a number of deals comparable to their rivals and also extras such as the pay as you go ‘Freebies’ awards service. This service is similar to O2 Priority moments and also their money transfer service – Mobile Money.

Contacting Vodafone on their customer service number.

After anticipating the number of varying enquiries that could be made by customers contacting Vodafone, the company have set up a dedicated customer service department who are trained to deal with a number of different enquiries.

Vodafone have attempted to push some of their customer service enquiries to a section of their website that hosts a customer knowledge base. However, the majority of people still find that it is better to talk to a person in order to deal with their issue. The best way to get in touch with a representative is to call the Vodafone team on 0843 515 9426.

Much like with other similar organisations, upon contacting Vodafone you will be presented with a number of options in order to direct your enquiry. The most commonly raised issues are either around technical problems with the network service and also with billing. You can also contact Vodafone on this number in order to discuss an upgrade or change in tariff.

Dealing with complaints

The majority of calls that Vodafone receive are in regards to issues unrelated to the smooth running of the service. However, some customers do have the need to complain about issues that they face while using a Vodafone product. The company’s customer care team can be contacted by calling this number – 0843 515 9426 and from there you will be able to speak to the relevant department in order to log a complaint with the company. The customer service department will deal with your complaint efficiently and rapidly in order to ensure that your service can get back to running the way that you want.

When is the best time to contact Vodafone?

You can reach Vodafone’s customer service team at a time that suits you. With our busy lives, it is not always convenient to call a customer service representative between 9 and 5. For this reason, Vodafone have extended the number of hours that the customer service department is open to 8am to 9pm seven days a week. So even if you have to wait in a queue on the phone during a busy period, you can still contact the team at a time more convenient to you.

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