Whistl contact number

Whistl contact number – 0843 504 1258

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Although Whistl is are relatively new in the postal industry, their contact number is believed to be Whistl phone numberone of the most searched for around. Whistl’s popularity is due mostly, to their growing reputation in the market as one of the best and cheapest providers of mail services. Whistl have managed to find a niche for themselves by undercutting the prices offered by Royal Mail and even the likes of UK Mail while also offering door-to-door delivery.

Importantly, the company used to be known as TNT Post – however, since the rebranding, the company has gone from strength to strength. They are now one of the most well-recognised courier services in the UK.

As part of the reorganisation of domestic mail in the UK, Royal Mail is no longer the sole providers of postal delivery. While other companies have long been providing similar services, Whistl has quickly managed to become one of the main rivals to Royal Mail. Reasons for this are partly down to their unique take on customer service where their phone number features largely. However, it is more than likely that they are recognisable on the street by their bikes and distinctive branding. In turn, this helps recognition, increases trust and makes sure that people are keen to use them in the future.

Calling the Whistl contact number

Contacting Whistl is encouraged to be done through their dedicated website. Like most new businesses, the brand are keen to make sure that as many of their client as possible go through Whistl contact numbertheir web support portal rather than call one of their UK call centres. It is especially true as the company’s main selling point is offering a door-to-door service at a low, low cost. If Whistl were to adopt overheads (such as Royal Mail and UPS do), it is likely that they would have to increase their prices for customers. Such a price change could be commercially dangerous for the company at this early stage of their development.

However, while Whistl may be keen for people to use other platforms the company still have a dedicated customer service number and helpline for those who are experiencing issues. This phone number has been set up for the trickier issues that social media accounts and online FAQ guides cannot accommodate for – such an intricate complaints and refund procedures. While their UK call centre staff may be relatively new to the industry, they should be able to address any situation. So, it isn’t surprising why the Whistl contact number is one of the most well thought of helplines around.

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